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  • Nice gesture but why would Ukraine risk losing their new toys on adventurism where is work closer to to home to be done.

    Where the frontline is close to the official border, Russia is able to keep its artillery and logistics on the Russian side of the border where Ukraine is not allowed to use half of its equipment. Russia’s ongoing Kharkiv offensive is an example of this

    Now if they were supplying rockets with ranges over 200km

    France and Britain have been supplying the storm shadow missile, which has almost three times that range. Ukraine has been launching it from its own Su-24 aircraft, but those are very old and there aren’t a lot of them left. The F-16 could be a good new platform to launch them from. As I understand it, storm shadow and F-16 are not compatible out of the box and would need some modification, but the same was true for the Su-24 and that appears to have worked out

  • I don’t think anyone is saying anything happened overnight. We’re talking a fifty-sixty year delay on the events mentioned above. But also, I would want to see some evidence that Africans on average weren’t aware of the legacy of colonialism up until the 2010s, because that seems like an unreasonably low estimation of education on the continent.

    Besides that, Russia and China also saw declines throughout the 2010s from peaks in 2009/2010. That would suggest to me that something in the 2010s made Africans on average less approving of the world’s major powers in general