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  • These backward and religiously conditioned morons can not imagine it being voluntary. That’s how far they are mentally gone. Even calling it rape. Not realising that by forbidding it it will actually encourage rape. But it’s a bit like with drugs, forbidding it and then thinking it will disappear. Only to see that it happens but only unmonitored and much more dangerous. These people are total hypocrites.

  • I’m surprised by the incredibly backward and charicatural representation of the situation here. That many people are so brainwashed by the propaganda from mostly moralising religious bastards. I live in western Europe. My city has a designated area for prostitution. Safe, organised, clean and constantly checked for any abuses. ALL the women,trans or whoever are there by their own will. Even if it would be the simplistic cliche case of ‘in a desperate economic situation’ then I’m happy women have the CHOICE for prostitution or porn. I, as a man, have done a lot worse backbreaking and humiliating jobs. If I were a moderately attractive woman I would certainly consider the possibility.