mean arab terrorist

Banned for being mean to an israeli colonizer.

Lemmygrad opposes self determination of Palestinians and Arabs.

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Who are you including as “reich-wing muslim leaders”?

In the brief time I spent on this platform I have witnessed the extent to which it maintains a culture that is hostile to oppressed peoples and coddles colonizers. I have seen people refer to Chador and Hijab as "wearing trashbags" and the Islamic Republic of Iran is "enslaving women" and nobody else said a word. I have seen people refer to Islam as "a painkiller" and that communists should "free [Muslims] from irrational immaterial thought" and make accusations that all Muslims engage in FGC . Nobody else said a word. I was banned from the Palestine community for "being mean" to an israeli colonizer after I told them to expeditiously get out of Palestine. An israeli occupier playing the victim had, according to the mod, "done nothing against [me]." Nobody said a word. I do not understand why in a community about Palestine that there is coddling the feelings of "Good Israelis" who are resistant to the idea of leaving occupied Palestine. This had happened only a few days after 'israeli' jets bombed civilian homes in earthquake stricken Syria martyring several Arabs--and the day after a horde of 500+ 'israelis' (men, women, and children) descended upon Nablus in an orgy of violence and burned property and lynched at least one Palestinian. I have had my comments censored and removed when discussing the liberation of Palestine **From the River to the Sea** and citing the revolutionary leaders from the resistance. The reasoning for censorship repeated the zionist entity language: "advocating terrorism". Throughout all of this I see invaders who live in the settler-colonies are defended as "comrades like everyone else". Even though they are repeating toxic discourse about how such and such liberation movement "shouldn't alienate the [colonizer] 'workers'." In very few cases does anyone let alone moderators speak up to challenge this chauvinism. Islam in particular is slandered and constantly portrayed as 'backwards'--albeit it in less direct/overt (and therefore more sinister) ways. In many ways, my experience on this platform has mapped quite clearly onto my experience on other anglophone social media platforms that censor and punish people for combating liberalism. Lemmy is just more covert about it. Shall this serve as a warning for cousins and comrades and a testimony of my experience here. Goodbye

regardless of what some Palestinian resistance groups may do, I will always unconditionally support the Palestinian people and their right to self-determination

Palestinian armed struggle is self-determination. The Popular resistance is the vanguard of Palestinian liberation. I guess your support isn’t “unconditional” then. What does “support” even mean anyways? Keep your useless feel-good liberal “support”.

When I ask questions on this forum I do so out of genuine good intent

Don’t gaslight me. If you had good intent you’d actually listen and read even one of the many citations I posted.

nobody chooses where they are born or who they are born to

You don’t seem to get it but instead are playing the victim. I am so very sick of Jewish ‘Israeli’ Occupiers doing this bullshit: playing the victim all the time.

You didn’t choose to be born as a settler but you are choosing to oppose the self-determination of Palestinians by choosing to stay. You should expedite your leave from Palestine. Soon the zionist entity’s cities and neighborhoods will burn as ‘israel’ is purged from the land. Your genocidal neighbors and ‘countrymen’ will be purged with it.

There are no such thing as ‘israeli civilians’. As long as a settler is in Palestine they are a legitimate target. If they don’t want to die then they should leave Palestine. I will not be explaining this further as it seems we must be speaking a different language that you cannot even acknowledge the first thing I told you weeks ago: If you want to do something politically useful then get the fuck out of Palestine.

First, a correction of fact at least one settler was eliminated, there is a video showing the operation and nobody survives a point blank shot to the back of the head. Why is this important? The zionist entity only knows lies and it always covers up its dead and wounded. It promotes an image of invincibility. It is common for the IOF to mark their dead soldiers as having died in “traffic accidents” a few days later. At a basic level, every dead settler is one who cannot murder a child.

The “Tel Aviv” operation is an embodiment of our people’s commitment to resistance” -PFLP

What will achieve peace for the Palestinians is the defeat of colonialism, not correcting the narrative of those who are biased against them, because the usefulness of resistance is always pulled out of the margins of history to correct the narrative and write revolutionary history.” -Ra3’ad Za3’ir

To answer your question, the operation proves that Palestinians will not surrender to the occupation. The resistance will continue to reach occupiers everywhere until they are driven out or eliminated. This operation was in “Tel Aviv” which is the heart of occupied 48 and the one of the most securitized cities in the world. Shaheed Moataz managed to sneak a firearm and carry out such an operation at all is no small feat.

It is noteworthy that the same morning, three Palestinians, Nayef Malaysha (25 years), Ahmed Fashafsha (22 years), and Sufian Fakhouri (26 years), were killed after Zionist special forces opened fire on a vehicle they were traveling in in the town of Jaba, south of Jenin. It is noteworthy that 78 Palestinians have been shot dead by the Zionist occupation and its settlers in various governorates since the beginning of this year 2023, including 14 children.” -Hadf

This operation is a direct challenge to the Aqaba summit and the negotiations between the child-killing USA, the zionist entity, and the neocolonial Palestinian Authority. There are no negotiations and there is nothing to negotiate. These operations prove that armed struggle can and will succeed.

These operations invoke fear and terror in the invader society. The highly financialized society of ‘israel’ is very fragile and very vulnerable to disruptions. The investors and businesses cannot profit when their cities are under attack. This type of operation is extremely costly to the entity.

The Lion’s Den released a statement, most of it is not for you but this is.

Our message to the occupation: You are delusional, O you who are weaker than a spiderweb, all of you, and your hearts are divided. The violence among you is severe. We are eagerly awaiting your internal war and fighting. May Allah heal our hearts. We are preparing for you. You will soon pay a heavy price for the pain you sowed in our hearts. You will receive the blow from where you do not know, so study your affairs well and fortify as much as possible. We will remind you soon of this line of this statement.

//// As an addendum, you misunderstand me. It is not that I “don’t like you very much”. Whether you realize it or not, you are part of the occupation’s garrison of settlers that is the foundation of the zionist entity.

"We say (to the settlers) again, There are no (other) options before you: either you leave our land or die on it.

Earlier this evening, 23 year old resistance fighter Moataz al-Khawaja from the Occupied West Bank city of Ramallah carried out a shooting operation on Dizengoff street in the heart of maximum security Tel Aviv. The resistance operation left at least 5 settlers wounded, one of whom is said to be in critical condition. He was martyred on the scene by an off-duty lsraeli officer. ![](