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The upshot is that the low pay and bad working conditions are dictated by the market, and any business you create would be forced through market competition to reproduce these conditions.

Business profits are like 10%. You will need some of that to survive. So even if you’re willing to live in poverty, you can at most afford to pay your workers a few percent more or treat them a few percent better, but not both.

anything better is better for the people in my country, a few percent more is at least high enough for them to not struggle with their lives. especially because great numbers of people here are unemployed. hopefully that means more and more people will work for me. the remaining profits goes to the Marxism education program, to improve the organization and working places, and just enough for me to survive.

I’m not experienced with entrepreneurship and leading groups. I have not much knowledge about the common struggles the proletariat have. I’ll read more into it, thanks for recommending that paper.

Yes I’m aware. I’m always finding myself researching things and when I do have trouble with that I will ask for direction from other comrades. so far what I can understand from reading the legality of it. the whole operation is in fact illegal. the movements have to remain hidden or at least not obvious in plain sight.

Sadly the safeness of the operation must be unraveled first. I haven’t read the full thing and I don’t think killing communists is legal now. but it seems that even now the majority of people is still against communism. back then they justified killing millions of comrades. I think no one would care if we get killed here; they would see it as an act of heroism.

If I found that it is as bad as I thought. I’ll find hidden means of communications. I have to minimize to risks, first find comrades and hidden organizations. set up and decentralize the communications, teach them of opsec, and only exist in the digital world to share knowledge and spread the truth around. we will never have meetings or movements in the real world because it might risk our lives, as long as It’s illegal.

Thank you for your advice, I’m a bit new to the whole concept. even sharing the knowledge of communism is illegal here. and there is a hidden communist organization and their movements as I heard. My guardians were terrorized by hearing that I would make a communist party the other day and advised me not to for my safety. I’ll be joining or making one as soon as I can.

this was the idea initially: if it agrees to fund the organization, I will take it. however I’ll work on becoming independent of them by the end.

All I could think of at the moment is the working class themselves crowd-fund the organization.

Should communist organizations be funded by the bourgeoisie?

I was intending to start an communist organization masked as a normal company (communism is illegal in my country), my first goal to give workers a good working environment, and to pay them as high as I could. …

Thank you all users for posting about North Korea. It has been useful in researching for truth.

I felt skeptical about the Western media when they talk about NK. Typically I thought North Korea was as bad as the media says, but I couldn’t just trust the western media either, especially the us because they (including general people) were so against china for no valid reason and I’m a chinese de…