Anti-fascist, anti-Trump, anti-Putin, anti-CCP; but I repeat myself.

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  • I’d like to see whatever everyone wants to post about, and would also encourage you to be the change you want to see. I’m more into the Microsoft space myself but manage a handful of Linux servers (which I typically never have to bother with unless I’m standing another one up, and our team manages patching), though I’m not sure where good sources of news & updates would be for Linux information.

  • You’re 100% on the mark. Unfortunately the next automation revolution will come whether society wants it to or not. Just as soon as it’s cheaper and as effective to have machines do the work of humans, corporations will choose to go that route. We’ve seen a few instances where corporations are going against this in the short term, but it never works out for us humans in the long run. We know that corporate culture only has eyes for next quarter’s profit, humanity’s future be damned.

    I’m going to drop this here, you may have already seen it & know of CGP Grey on YouTube, but using this vid as a frame of reference: Humans Need Not Apply

    That video was made in 2014. We’ve known that an automation revolution is going to come along and make a good portion of the workforce obsolete (again) for a number of years (CGP Grey wasn’t the first to put forth the idea by any means), and we’re doing nothing to prepare for it. If we don’t figure out how to institute some form of UBI… well, it won’t be good.

  • True enough, but I’d counter that the person who uses ‘yellow’ as the answer to the square root of 100 is a moron, and the person who accepts it doubly so.

    A better example IMO would be using ChatGPT to write code via pseudocode. Sure it’ll spit out something for you, but you’ll still need to verify those results using your own knowledge, and test it before putting it into production.

    Another, different, example would be using it to write up proposals, project plans, etc. - if it was so easy that an AI could do it, maybe we need to take a good hard look at whether it needed doing in the first place, or examine how we’re going about it.

    It is a tool, albeit a smarter one than we’ve previously had. Like any tool, it can be used for good, evil, or moronic results.

  • Sure, you don’t have to tell me about the right wing media machine. Most people I knew growing up got sucked into it and are beyond any rational thought now.

    For the difference between Dems and the GOP on economic policy, I won’t argue that the leadership and majority of the Democratic party are neoconservative “”“centrists”“” - in other words, they’re conservative Democrats. There is a minority segment of the party that is progressive however, and once in a while they do something that is truly beneficial for everyone. The same can never be said about the GOP.

  • I’m not saying that’s wrong, but it’s also more complex than that. It’s not only the ultra rich supporting them. Take it from someone who lives amongst them.

    Is there a massive corporate / monied influence behind the GOP? Sure, but that’s true of the Democrats too. Given that that’s our only options as long as we have a first-past-the-post, winner take all voting system (unless or until we institute ranked choice or some other alternative voting system), then the Democrats are the only one of those two parties that at least takes some actions and speaks words in support of the poor and middle classes. If you look at their actions, anyone who is not ultra rich should be voting for Democrats over Republicans unquestionably.

    However, we have about 48% of our citizens in any given class that aren’t the ultra rich who will vote Republican until their dying breath. In my state in particular, about 60% of the population votes Republican, despite being next to dirt poor.

    We’ll even vote for progressive policies - we legalized weed, voted for Medicare expansion, turned down “”“Right to Work”“” laws multiple times, etc. - and then our own legislature that these assholes voted in will work to undo those measures that passed a popular vote however they can. They keep trying to reintroduce RtW laws every handful of years, they defunded the Medicare expansion. If they fail to stop the progressive policies, then they turn to profiting off of them through crony capitalism like they did with the cannabis industry by only giving out manufacturing and dispensary licenses to a small pool of people, and their cronies of course got first dibs.

    So don’t have any illusions - poor people vote Republican. In droves. It’s due to ignorance, and bigotry, and racism, and a disregard for their own interest, but they do.

    That doesn’t entirely discount the theory being proposed in your OP article, but it doesn’t explain Republican voting blocs everywhere. It just might explain Florida however.