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  • I don’t want to discuss the incident in detail because it was very traumatic, but long story short, I had a near-drowning incident when I was 12 (technically not a drowning because I survived). I was technically dead for several minutes.

    I saw nothing. total blank. I remember flashes of struggling to get to the side of the pool one moment, and flashes of waking up in an ambulance the next. then it cuts out again, and then I woke up in a hospital room with tubes in all my holes (plus some tubes in new holes) and surrounded by my mom and brothers.

  • I agree with a lot of this. I strongly disliked SNW in the beginning, but it stated to get closer to the TOS “feel”, and that was an improvement. But where they do lots of character work, they do too much, to the point where the stories lack depth. I mean… this is a sci-fi show, but the writers seem to want to make a dramedy set on a starship, and that’s not Trek to me. I want to see the science and tens solving problems together with science! not shooting everything or spending almost the entire episodes between flashbacks and the present, where every. single. thing. is all about working out some personal or interpersonal drama.

    out of all of the SNW episodes, maybe 1/4 were actually about exploring space and Trek stuff. the rest are all character drama that’s really exhausting to watch.

    S02 found a better balance and helped by making all that drama more “fun”, but the Trek part of the show shouldn’t just be a backdrop or pretext for the characters’ personal drama. I want good sci-fi stories, not convenient setups for will-they-or-won’t-they or having every other episode about dealing with someone’s PTSD. when DS9 did it, they sed a lighter touch so those moments were meaningful. with SNW, it’s everything, and loses meaning.