As we work on these issues, let’s not forget the purpose of our movement, or the great work of our staff and all the good people of the free software community who are dedicated to users’ freedom.

rms’s statement was very mature. I hope he holds to his commitment to be better. I am still not sure he is the right person for the job but you can’t deny the work he has done in the past and his commitment to the movement.

I’ve never quite understood what the cancel mob expects him to do if they successfully get him fired, evicted, ostracized completely, etc. What are people supposed to do after getting cancelled?

Over the past 2 decades the FSF has become increasingly ineffective and out-of-touch and RMS is a big part of that. From reading recent stuff from FSF and RMS about this whole situation it seems clear to me that they’d both prefer that everyone go back to begrudgingly putting up with his poor behavior so that he can travel and give talks.

I think the problem is the people involved. How am i, a random Joe online, is meant to know whether his behavior is poor or not? It’s not like I am his friend or have even met him. A lot of people give him the benefit of the doubt, because he’s done something for them in the past. Or the opposite because of what they hear online.

Spot on. I’ve met him and a lot of people I know and trust have been around him at conferences. In 20 years I’ve heard only complains about his public behavior and I’ve witnessed various example of that.

I’ve never heard anyone claiming that RMS is evil or malevolent, but rather unable to act appropriately around people or understand what is socially acceptable, despite having been told many times.

[Disclaimer: I actively support Free Software and GPL]


I have no animosity in regards to this content or situation. I think both statements were well written, direct, and of good nature.

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too litte, to late and they revealing that RMS acted on his own announcing the return proves that they are wrong about his change.


perhaps Stallman’s personality or other lack of social cues should be the blame as to him announcing his return without consulting with the FSF


of course. the point is: FSF says he changed. This carelessness says “not much”. When Linus pledged to change he changed. Develop strategies and used tools to reduce problematic behaviour. RMS didn’t.

Once a Linus, always a Linus. That’s what I say!


nobody cares what Linus think or says at home.

hi isn’t insulting people on mailing lists or code reviews.

RMS can be as freak as he want, if he stop hurting other people. This is not thought police, is enforcing limits on acceptable behaviour.

I see your point, but is RMS actually hurting anyone as you claim?

his sexism, harassment of, and general creepiness towards women is well-known

“too little, too late” seems to be a staple phrase for people who’d love to just keep a good lynch mob going.

Good for them to stand up for principals over mob lunacy.

I wonder how all of the mob justice organizations that cut ties with the FSF are going to react to this.

How do you think lol

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