"TikTok is a Chinese company that currently is mandated to cooperate with Chinese intelligence services,” Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said in a statement. The Belgian ban is based on a risk analysis by the country’s intelligence services and recommendations by the national cybersecurity center.

  • @CountryBreakfast
    41 year ago

    territorial waters

    These are contested waters. Basically every single country makes huge claims to the SCS. It’s hardly just China. These islands would hardly be important if not for the fucking US 5th fleet.

    Meanwhile the US is threatening its “allies” and neighbors. It destroys economies by flooding subsidied commodities into markets. The fucking Colorado River doesn’t even reach Mexico anymore. It destroyed a million farmers lives in Mexico and then litterally murderers them, rapes them, isolates them, kidnaps them, imprisons them, enslaves them when they try to migrate accross the border.

    It murders its citizens. It let half of Black wealth get destroyed while bailing out bankers. It let COVID kill over a million people and sent the Seattle Indian Health Board fucking BODY BAGS when they asked for PPE.

    It weaponizes disease. It weaponizes food. It weaponizes climate change. It weaponizes finance. It weaponizes oil. It weaponizes information. It weaponizes organised crime. It prevents land reforms around the world. It prevents social programs. It prevents measures to protect sovereignty. It prevents peace and enables war. It baits nations into war. It assualts peasants. It assualts Indigenous peoples. It assualts women. It assualts workers. It assualts its own allies.

    The US literally does nothing good for the world.

    Meanwhile China is calling for peace in Ukraine and is rising millions out of poverty. The only thing China is guilty of is successfully developing despite the extreme weight of the imperialist system while being Chinese.