Void Linux (Unofficial)
Forum for void ?

Last time I see someone asking for a forum on reddit, …

some notes on my Void Linux installation

cross posting my Void installation notes…

Void-sh looking for help

Are you know ho to get wayland working on void? Lets help us…

Installed packages after fresh network install?

Hey, I have forgotten but does anyone know the aproximate amount of packages you get after a fresh install with no DE (network install)? Pre-Xorg/Wayland compositor…

help to Install Hikari (wayland)

Hey I would try wayland with hikari but I don’t really understand how work wayland, void_Doc is light , I also find this but is fo…

steam icon in systray

DistroWatch review of VoidLinux

Distrowatch review of Void Linux…

Community is dead so here's my Void story

Been using Linux fulltime since about 2014 or so. First half of my life up to then was on Windows, second was on Mac. At the start of the decade is when I noticed Apple’s increasingly closed-off computing gaining more traction, and it struck me as wrong. I had tested Ubuntu out around 2009 in a VM b…

Anyone here uses ZFS on root?

I was considering looking into installing Void with ZFS on root if I ever need to reinstall the OS on my computer. So far the advantages I have read about have been mostly about snapshotting and restoration but I am admittedly more interested because it’s a shiny new file system. …

Anybody using Gnu IceCat browser

Gnu IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser.IceCat feels a little faster and use around 60mb less ram than firefox.Gnuzilla-FSD version is 60.7.0 released on 2 June 2019. Here in [Void Linux](https://voidl

Best distro


Void Linux (Unofficial)

    Void Linux is an independent distribution, developed entirely by volunteers.Install once, update daily. Your system will always be up-to-date.Void use runit as the init system and service supervisor. xbps is the native system package manager. https://voidlinux.org/

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