Back on the subreddit, there were introduction posts and helpful tips that this sub is lacking. To give you an idea of what I mean, I linked a silly but cool tumblr page with this gem:

How to make a booster bag (for legal and recreational purposes of course)

Only proper video I could find of how to make a booster bag. Used to circumvent anti-shoplifting AES systems. Please bear in mind 1) I’m not responsible for how others use the information (legal bit out of the way), and 2) /if/ hypothetically, if you were to try to use a booster bag to shoplift, y…

c/shoplifting is born!

Good evening comrades. As you might know, one of the first victims of Reddit’s sub purge was r/shoplifting, a space dedicated to tips and strategy for nicking things from big-box stores. While of course this is illegal under Capitalist law, the fact remains that Capitalist law itself is highly uneth…

If the hands that made it aren’t selling it, it’s free. A spiritual successor to the much lamented r/shoplifting. Don’t get pinched.