Progressive Labor Party

Peru's Tarnished Path – 1992

“How’s business?” …


Debacle in Afghanistan: a step toward world war – August 27, 2021

As the bigtime terrorists of U.S. imperialism suffer another humiliating defeat and leave Afghanistan to the small-time terrorists of the Taliban, the world is witnessing in real time the waning of a once-dominant empire. Thanks to flawed intelligence, decades of failed strategies, and one blunder a…

Why Were Communist Revolutions Reversed in the USSR and China? (2008+)

A scientific evaluation of history must focus on the study of revolutionary movements. We must draw upon what is positive in these experiences and learn from the negative in order to advance beyond them. …

Truth About D-Day: The Red Army Defeated the Nazis

On the occasion of the 77th anniversary of D-Day, the U.S.-British invasion of Nazi-occupied Western Europe on June 6, 1944, we’ll hear lies telling us how the U.S. won the Second World War. The decisive role of the Soviet Red Army and working class will be deliberately underplayed or ignored altoge…

China: The Reversal of Socialism (Part 2 of 6)

CHALLENGE / December 2, 1976

Bolshevik revolution – Workers took power; we will again! – October 22, 2020 (Updated revolutionary theory.)

One hundred and three years ago, November 7, 1917, marked the beginning of the single most important event of the 20th century, the Bolshevik revolution, which directly inspired the Chinese revolution and anti-imperialist struggles around the world from Vietnam to Africa to Latin America. …

U.S. & China will make world war; workers can make revolution – April 2, 2021

Facing the ‘Thucydides Trap’…the military must step up its efforts. —Xu Qiliang, Vice-chairman of China’s military

Imperialist rivalry fuels global vaccine apartheid – April 2, 2021

As of March 30, over 60 countries had not received a single dose of vaccine, and many are not on track to be fully vaccinated before 2024 (New York Times, 3/30). Even as thousands of workers die daily from coronavirus, capitalism sees the vaccine as another vehicle for racist profits and a weapon in…

Why Trotskyism Is Reactionary – 2004

The Progressive Labor Party recognizes that Trotskyism is phony communism, also called “revisionism” – capitalist ideas in a left disguise. Many people, including many Trotskyists themselves, don’t understand the reactionary essence of Trotskyism. …

PLP Glossary

Communist political terms

PLP Glossary

Racism – The Achilles Heel Of U.S. Imperialism, 1963

Statement of the NCC of the PL Movement in the current racial crisis. MLQ, Vol. I, No. 2, [1963]

Progressive Labor Party

    The moderator is not a PL member. This community was created in order to explore the views of PL. Responses will be with PL quotes only. Excluding the biweekly newspaper, the moderator has read ~80% of PL’s English-language documents (as of 10/2021).

    At a glance

    PL is an international Marxist-Leninist party, “active in 27 countries”[1], which organized to split from CPUSA in late 1961[2]. “Our [PL’s] policies are based squarely on Marxism-Leninism.”[3] PL was referring to the “restoration of Russian capitalism”[4] by 1966 and characterizes the GPCR as “the first revolution in history to attempt to take power back from the fake ‘communists,’ known as revisionists.”[5] According to PL, Trotskyism was “the vanguard of the counter-revolutionary bourgeoisie”[6], “On the right stand the Khrushchevs, the Brezhnevs and the Gorbachevs”[7], Gonzalo-type Maoism quotes Mao’s words “while consistently opposing their meaning”[8], and the GPCR Left’s “failure to break with [Chinese] Maoism, ideologically and organizationally, led to their defeat”[9] while the GPCR has been “the period of China’s history most attacked and slandered by the capitalists who now rule China.”[10]

    Who can be involved?

    “Our Party’s experience in the mass movement shows that a growing number of workers, soldiers and students are looking for a way out of capitalism’s house of horrors…”[11]

    Current Party line

    “For the most accurate representation of our [PL’s] line available in writing at this time, please consult Road to Revolution IV, which may be supplemented to some extent with the article Dark Night Shall Have Its End.”

    Rule 1: Rules must be adapted from PLP documents.

    Rule 2: Moderation by consensus. “Our four incoming leaders are multi-racial, mainly women, international and inter-generational, and will divide the tasks of the chair and lead as a collective.”[12]

    PLP Glossary (to be updated)

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