My Life as a Teenage Robot

Even after seeing this so many times now I am just so glad she is a character in a game.

Hello Lemmygrad!
Greetings Comrades! I suppose it was inevitable that this website would have a MlaaTR community here. As a fan of the series, Id love to see it depicted, discussed and loved through OUR eyes, through Leftist eyes. As mediocre as it may have been to us nowadays, this show was revolutionary for its time, and surprisingly enough had some good takes like some cartoons of its time did regarding society and Capitalism as a whole. Even the Art Style is a critique of Capitalism; Art Deco is the Capitalist`s Idealistic view of what they think their society is like. I really hop you people enjoy your time in this community. Everything here is a Work in progress and I hope to improve this Community more in the future!

My Life as a Teenage Robot

    This is a place for all Leftist Fans of the classic cartoon My Life as a Teenage Robot. Feel free to discuss about the show or how we can establish Socialism with Robotic Characteristics here too!


    1. Follow the Rules of Lemmygrad
    2. No Porn, Especially referencing the Parody unironically
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