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Aldis has chairs for the cashiers that’s just one I know for sure but I know ive seen others.

Yeah well saying no cashiers in the entire country are allowed to sit is just false. Yes Walmart fucking suck,everyone knows that.

We need to start an IT guild that offers training and apprenticeship but also works as a labor union.

That’s when you link an archived version. Pretty sure there’s plenty of twitter archive sites out there.

Plus if that’s the case who’s to say it ever actually existed in the first place since theyre so easy to fake.

Lemmy or at least some of the subs should make a rule against posting shots like this. There’s plenty of that shit on Reddit, and we all know how terrible that site is now.

Why not just link the tweet then? Saying its easy to find is moot since its a waste of time and effort for the most part. Also what if its an old tweet? We shouldn’t have to sift through peoples post history to verify it.

Is there something about screenshots of text make it more likely that someone will read it? If so were doomed as a society.

I was not referring to this one in particular but the collective twitter screenshotting phenomenon.

They’re completely unreliable without a link to the original tweet. I’m not gonna sift through thousands of tweets to find one from a screenshot just to verify its authentic. I’ve done that multiple times for shots of stuff that was genuinely interesting or that I just had to verify and its just a huge waste of time.

If I ever designed a twitter clone it would most definitely put some kind of qr code with a link to the post or at least an archived version of it in each post. I’m surprised I haven’t seen such a thing already after all these years of screenshotted text being posted as content.

For real I love working on computers and its basically all I know but working for companies doing support or admin work is so soul crushingly terrible.

The only thing I hate more than working for some asshole is twitter screen shots

Oh neat. So you can use both GPUs on different running xservers? Definitely gonna try this out.

Hey how are you running the nvidia card in that laptop? I have an xps 9570 and the only good way to use the nvidia GPU is with optimus-manager which is quite annoying.

There are now 15 competing standards.

Scrolling down I totally though that strap was a thong around a butt.

How do I remove from c/all

It’s just a bunch of tankies shitposting for mao. how do i stop seeing these idiot posts?..