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Lul I understand! I may be mistaken, but doesn’t this sublemmy, c/FediverseFutures, already do “any collaborative initiatives and community interaction that takes place on fedi, such as the recently started Fedijams”?

The term fedizens piqued my interest and I made a sublemmy about it: It is uncertain what I will do with this sublemmy that this sublemmy doesn’t already do. Currently, I anticipate using this sublemmy to highlight interesting interactions that span multiple fediverse platforms. (Ex a mastodon user linking to a pixelfed picture) However, I am open to more interesting suggestions. You can be a moderator of that sublemmy if you desire.

I am interested in assisting!

Far Cry

Sure would be a shame if protesters took all the parking spaces

Imagine if I was going to Best Buy on Blackfriday but had to turn around because protesters occupied all of the parking spaces. …, give nomad moderator permission for this sublemmy?

A post with a few upvotes has more weight than a mod mail

Easy to use offline file transfer from device to device?

USBs aren’t convenient enough. I’ve done wifi sharing via FTP, which didnt require WAN. Ftp was slow to set up. My bluetooth’s bandwidth seems very small? …

Imaging uploading is failing

{“msg”:“Couln’t upload file, Error in MagickWand, cache resources exhausted `/tmp/pict-rs/OX3hPyrLIb.tmp’ @ error/cache.c/OpenPixelCache/3883”,“files”:null}…

Blockchain noob here. What do reddit tokens have to do with ethereum if it isn’t on blockchain?

How would users own their own ‘community points’?

=] In order to moderator status you there, submit a post/comment in the sublemmy. I think that is the only method to get the ‘give moderator permission’ button to appear for you

This subreddit has been mentioned several times in the recent past. It seemed prime time to make a sublemmy about it, to hopefully give r/antiwork redditors a better venue to head to…


Wow I am certainly impressed by india. How do they organize so well compared to the west? I would be under the impression that they wouldn’t be able to access as much material online either.

I hear a lot of talk about Odysee, but it has trackers on it’s page too. Whats your take on it?