I think I speak for most people when I say that I’m a good representative of the general population.

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This fails to rule out the Gaussian rationals.

One time I used this program to edit commercial breaks out of recordings. I appreciate how easy it was to figure that process out given that I know essentially nothing about video editing.

That mostly makes sense to me, but it seems likely that a cheapening of reviewing standards would backfire long-term and push the best papers away from traditional publishers, which could then become a more widespread trend pretty quickly after it starts. Maybe I’m being too optimistic.

This model can work as long as the publishers are not looking to make unfair profits.

This line made me laugh.

I mean I know that and I get that the whistleblower is calling them out for bad scientific practices in the name of profits, I’m just confused as to how the two points are connected.

Pfizer also did all these ethically dubious things without having enough manufacturing capacity to fulfill potential orders from the whole world, making it somewhat needlessly damaging

I’m kind of slow, could you elaborate on this point?

I actually really like his vocals in this song. One of my favorites by them.

This looks awesome! I like the monster collecting genre a lot. I actually saw a post about this on reddit like a week ago, but I didn’t really think too much of it until I watched this video.

Does anyone else remember the “twelve days of Christmas” C program?

Yeah, it’s very easy to mix up /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc. Did it once and have PTSD from it, I triple-check every time now and still feel uneasy every time.

My first paper as a recreational mathematician

I was burned out on math for a very long while after failing out of my phd, just now starting to get back into it. This paper is not something a professional mathematician would take seriously, but I’m really happy with it still and wanted to share…

What is the patent situation with those? I’m really ignorant about this, but it seems like patents are playing a big role in keeping the vaccines from developing countries.

Did China develop their own vaccine, or are they buying doses of pfizer/moderna/oxford to donate? It would be a be a big deal if someone could put out a patent-free vaccine like Oxford was planning before the Gates foundation stepped in.

Someone created an account called “login”, after clicking on his profile, you just log out

I laughed out loud when I hit this one.

Most USAmerican people wouldn’t even know the implications of this tweet in vacuum.

Speaking. I’m guessing it’s a bit of work, but would anyone be willing to help me get up to speed?