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Agree 100%, as a rule of thumb, if you agree on almost all that you see in your instance or with your peers, and you don’t experience some level “being triggered” rest assured you are on an ecco chamber. But is true that sometimes you want some really specific content, that is when it is useful a non generalistic instance.

Is there any alternatove protocol?

P2P social networks would be any good in that regard? 🤔

Really nice comment, mostly the last two paragraph.

Although in my experiences is the oposite with the “right-wing” of the subject, the more intellectual formation, deeper economic undertanding, more anarchist tend to be the people, and they also agree with what you said:

“That’s because left-anarchism has more in common with capitalism than it has with communis”

I will add that from the ancap perspective, governament is not equal to state. A government is ok so far it is accepted voluntarily, in contrast, the state is always imposed using violence.


Cospaia city (now part of Italy), almost 400y of ANCAP organization, untill ot was anexed by Italy near the 1800s. One of the top tobacco producers of his time, and relatively more prosperous than all his neibours.

Not bad for a tiny city with a population of 300~600.

It even didn’t have prision nor police, no cohertion was needed to bring it to existence, no war, a bit of good luck and one really bad surveyor mapping the land.

Cuba, Vietnam, China… ther is a difference in being sucessfull and just “being” I won’t say they are succesful now, and in the long run I believe they will end to exist, one or two generations after us probably.


We literally went from being hunted down by lions to conquer the world with a stone attached at the end of a stick, tell me about being unorepeared… people dont have an idea of how prepeared they are if they act in freedom

Really? Would that imply too much of code re-writing?

I’ll take a look at the WebRTC thing, thanks

I wonder if that concept can be made in a distributed manner, like P2P

I understand your logic but if part of the mutual agreement is “I will ask you to do things and you will do it” that is a fair agreement if mutually choosen. Maybe a silly one but fair nonetheless, unther the logic we’re talking about.

I don’t have any complain into falling into capitalism, quite on the contray, and I wouldn say that is “unfair” the “adventage”, just be a more required worker to balance things out or if you can cope with the challenge take the risk of being the provider of capital (either an employer or a member of a cooperative)

Why do you say the workplace is not a personal possession, it is the owner’s of the business possetion, isn’t it?

I’m suprised that agree on the most part (1st part) with Chomsky, an glad to hear he talks about Hume and Adam Smith, but a bit confused when he say that authority in the work place (his example) is illlegitimate.

Why authorithy in a voluntary agreement would be illegitimate?

For example if I visit your house is implicit that you set the rules there you are the authority, and most people will agree on that but if you call that same home (the same building) a workplace then suddently tha same logic doesn’t aply anymore?

Which instance do you host? I mean, in which platform?