I just had to remove about 15 posts, (and someone kept making new accounts) from atlantic and variety, from people claiming we’re homophobic?

I just added a harsher signup and posting timeout as a short fix, which I don’t really like doing, but I have shit to do today and I have no choice.

edit: To clarify the mod policy here, homophobia / transphobia is a bannable offense.

I wouldn’t hesitate to remove explicitly homophobic or racist posts, and I don’t hesitate to remove western propo either (at least for now, until we decide what sectarianism is allowed here)

I think we need to ban online anarchists in its entirety, the Anarco-communists dont tend to be too bad, but the rest need to get the hell out of here, they’ve showed that they have not come in good will, and came to attack the “tankie red fascists” and there can and will be no left unity with anti-communists, white chauvinists, or pro-imperialists. Let them post what they want on Raddle if they want to be confrontational they can stay on Reddit, we need a place for MLs without threat of getting couped or brigaded by these guys, and free from pro-west spam posting.


Yeah anarchists are shit and will always be shit

But at least I can respect IRL anarchists who seem to be much better

Online anarchists are 15 yr olds that dont like capitalism but at the same time swallow every single piece of propaganda against previous socialist states and 3rd world countries that aren’t banana republics for western consumerism


removed by mod

Why would they brigade this site with what, 5 semi active mls?

Oh yeah…Theyre anarchists

All we can do is to laugh as we gaze at this spectacle, for one cannot help laughing when one sees a man fighting his own imagination, smashing his own inventions, while at the same time heatedly asserting that he is smashing his opponent.


i love to pretend there are not plenty of lgbt people who find my jingoistic drooling repulsive. anarchy!

I love to pretend I give a shit about marginalized people when I’m another white ass American tankie.


im trans asshole

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