Do my eyes deceive me? A WESTERN country rejecting the China genocide conspiracy theory?!


Basically, I think it comes down to the fact that Europe is more dependent on China than US economically at this point. Now that China started becoming more assertive that scared business interests that realized they might get locked out of that market if they keep peddling anti-China bullshit. So, I expect to see more of these kinds of reports where they go to China and confirm that none of this stuff US says is happening is actually happening which will shift public opinion.

US overplayed its hand under Trump and Biden hasn’t really changed course. I think Europe is also realizing that US is no longer a stable partner. They even try to bully EU economically which doesn’t help relations either.

While Biden admin is saner, Republicans could easily get into power in another couple of years and then there could be a drastic shift in policy again. Even if EU is scared of China, they see that China acts predictably and rationally. This makes a working relationship possible.

I think NATO is the main factor that kept EU dependent on US for so long. It’s basically been a protection racket where US paid for all the military and convinced EU that USSR and later Russia were an existential threat they needed protection against. It looks like that scam is starting to fall apart now.

My prediction is that US will find it increasingly isolated with main allies being Canada, UK, and Australia. The rest of the world will either line up behind China or at least want to keep friendly relations with China over US.

You can download the paper here.

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