Linux's Technical Advisory Board reports on the UMN 'Hypocrite Commits' patches | ZDNet
The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board, which is made up of top Linux kernel developers, reports on what was found in its complete examination of University of Minnesota patches.
Dreeg Ocedam

Here is the actual report.
3M - on the blogspam discussion, is this a case where I can start changing the URL to the right source? ZDNet is rarely the actual source for content. I’ve asked previously why they aren’t linking to the direct source as they post slashdot often as well.

Edit: You know I could have sworn I could change submission URL on Lemmy, but can’t find the feature.

As a mod, you can’t change the URL on other people’s posts. Users can change the URL on their own posts though.

I wouldn’t consider this blogspam personally, it’s a lot more likely they read the article and just wanted to share it.

Those numbers are much better than I would have expected. Of course you probably can’t generalize them as they are only from examining patches from the same institution but still for me it’s rather impressive how few bad patches made it in the kernel according to this.

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