Tesla as a company fucking sucks. This is welcome competition.

Yes please, more competition and price wars (but dont fight over charging standards, please pick one already).

I really want to see lower cost options be available, I know with rebates some like the Chevy Bolt EV are quite low comparatively (around the $24,000 range) but get the feeling those prices wont last unless something helps keep them there.

…I’d buy one! (serious)



Coup incoming

Just make up an excuse and put the company on the entity list like they did with Huawei.

I hope China releases their entity list soon against USA, and also ban rare earth exports to key USA companies. USA acts like a bully because it never gets the taste of its own medicine. Also, China, and Asian countries (me from India) in general are known for humility on the international stage.

They already stifled Xiaomi, away from IPO in USA market, as it overgrew Apple recently.

Just start seizing the factories of US companies. Give them back to their workers while sending a major fuck you to the US.

Some Operation Earnest Voices lurking in this thread lol

That said, China is playing checkers while USA is trying to play chess. It is clear who will win, from here.

USA cant even coup countries like Bolivia or Belarus nowadays. And they already lost a war against Vietnam, number two would be the end of the United States.

Interesting. Their military budget got a spike under Biden too, now 49.5% of total. Pretty bad look for them, and good for the rest though.

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