What's some of your favorite music?

Was just listening to this version of “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You” and I’m looking for more of that. I’ve also been trying out some metal all the while.


Just an as aside, that song doesn’t suit the theme of the movie at all. I remember watching a trailer for this movie in a movie theatre for which they used another Led Zeppelin song and instantly knew the film was gonna bomb.

I mostly listen to Radiohead, Brand New, Linkin Park. Haven’t scrobbled since February but I haven’t listened to any new music since then. You can check it out here: https://listenbrainz.org/user/ksynwa


Whoa I’ve never heard of listenbrainz, that’s pretty rad. I’ve been listening to a greatest hits of incubus lately.


Nice. I will download that too. I know only one song by them (Drive) but I really like it.

ListenBrainz and other MusicBrainz stuff is definitely underadvertised considering they do god’s work. There is also libre.fm. APIs for both are almost the same as that of last.fm so you can use any scrobbler with them as long as you can change the URL you want to send the data to.

Streaming and last.fm being garbage kinda killed scrobbling. First time Spotify did that thing where they gave their users a yearly wrap-up of their listens and Reddit was flooded by it. Kids had never heard of scrobbling before I guess lol.

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