As much as I wish he were dead, its likely a Kim Jong Un gone missing sitch

This. The truth is likely more benign. I don’t doubt western media’s ability to sensationalize news regarding enemies of the US state department.


the only sources for this I’ve been able to find for this are liberals who’re just bootlicking for billionaires, but mixing in a buncha ‘china bad’.

I highly doubt he “went missing”. He’s likely just either been taken into custody, or has been distant. If we was arrested, that’s not being “disappeared” as the liberals would say, and to imply as much would be highly misleading and just open the door for more ‘china bad’

You know what this means comrades. The CPC is moving to nationalize alibaba, and soon all your purchases on aliexpress will go towards funding the world socialist revolution.

Felipe Forte

Bourgeoisie, have some class solidarity and kill yourselves out of respect!


oh darn a billionaire went missing… so sad


I don’t know how I’ll ever cope. /s


My Chinese friends on WeChat approve of this lol.


Hell yeah

So it’s not mentioning this in the article here, but it seems the CPC is moving to nationalise Jack Ma’s companies (mainly alibaba and Ant group). They opened an investigation in anti-trust practices some time ago in his companies and also opened an office there. This was claimed by RFA so take it with a grain of salt, but it’s not out of the ordinary for China. Or they will break it up like they did not long ago with another giant holding company.

What’s more likely is Jack wants to lay low until this blows over. Doubt it will though. From someone on Reddit:

No, Jack Ma isnt dead or in a gulag, he is currently in a lot of hot water so he is basically hiding out somewhere until everything cools down. The current problem with Alibaba is that they have been debt trapping poorer Chinese Workers and stealing money from the CCP funds. So as an example, a young man wants a car, well Alibaba lends money to the kid, who is then under constant pressure to pay back the debt as the interest slowly gets higher. This causes problems to the point of even suicide from stressed out young people. The CPC is currently looking into that shit, and honestly i think its about time they did

Of course while the RFA and other reactionaries are trying to spin this as a bad thing, libs are actually liking this once you explain the situation. You can easily liken it to any big company that operates in your country. They still believe in the social contract and they’re happy to see a state take the side of the average citizen for once.


If China nationalizes Alibaba that would be absolutely phenomenal, that would basically be the equivalent of Amazon being nationalized. I’m cautiously optimistic about this.




best news of the year so far


I think 2021 is already kicking 2020’s ass.

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