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I’m currently on Endeavor would really love to have an alternative

It downloads meta data about the song too, which was nice for me

There’s a web app that the dev hosts, it doesn’t link to your Spotify account

I think it uses youtube music, coz they have a note about regions where youtube music isn’t available the app doesn’t work.

Just found this Spotify downloader on IzzyOndlDroid, works great!..


Oh it’s more about the character’s background and how that makes the fight for them, than it’s about the fight itself, there’s one back story which is just heartwarming but I don’t wanna end up giving spoilers xD xD

I think your refering to the fan service? The story in manga is amaze, I’m glad the story is reaching more people !

I swear rt, especially 3rd arc the portrayal is just amazing!

I think you’ll love Asimov’s Foundation Saga if you haven’t read it already, he precisely focuses on these aspects and when he talks about humans the new perspective is often funny, I’m not really stating a cliche my bad but do check it out if and when you get time. I came across an animated series haven’t really seen it but from reviews feels like it’s gonna have Asimov feels Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Thanks for the reco the project seems it’s in early stages of development will check it out!

Episodes seems like neat app, domo arigato! The mpv trick is slick what can I say except yay!

F-droid gives 3 red flags

  1. Depends on non-free apps
  2. Promotes non free services
  3. Tracks and reports

Did you look into these by any chance?

Hey! Thanks, I’m currently on their website seems amazing!

Wow! This is so comprehensive. This is precisely what I was looking for thanks in loads, I was wondering if it was possible to integrate the anime db app with https://anime-downlader.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ it would be pretty handy.

Thanks, for some reason didn’t know about Jellyfin on the outset seems interesting will check it out and get back to you!

Thanks a lot for this I had tried nyxt before but for some reason didn’t stumble on this, beautiful!

Tracker for media on Linux

I forget which was the last episode I stopped on while watching anime or TV shows, any way to track them? …

I started binge watching this again, almost had forgotten how magical this anime was!..

I’m waiting for the day I get all the references in the video! Also If u peeps could recommend a math oriented peertube instance that’d be great!..