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Always great to see those bits of history, hope to see the community grow even more without having to tolerate bigotry

I just wish both of them had a more polished UI, so I could better recommend it to normies. MetaGer is a little better in this regard, but none of them come even close of startpage and DDGs in the normie appeal category, which just makes harder for people that aren’t 100% devoted to focus on privacy to switch.

this, people had to create an entire community just to report scams some users tried a couple of weeks back, a report feature is definitely needed

Thanks to a new, low overhead extension in Mesa, OpenGL and Vulkan applications can now talk to each other, bringing more flexibility to application developers while easing the transition path between the industry-standard Khronos® APIs…

kind of same, at least with some of his views, still agree with his movement tho

I’ve always been left-leaning when it came to the types of policies I found to be acceptable, but always tried to be the enlightened cetrist, but ater Bolsonaro’s election I started to become more annoyed at this idea and started to embrace the leftist in me. The pandemic just blew it up to 11 and radicalized me to my core.

Open Source Calculator - Helping to convince employers to switch to FOSS programs

This website lets companies calculate whether it is worth it to switch to Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) solutions. …

Yeah, I should probably change the title of the post, I just used the title of the article for it.

Chrome, at least in its experimental Canary version on Android (and only for users in the U.S.) […] will soon see a “Follow” feature for sites that support RSS and the browser’s New Tab page will get what is essentially a (very) basic RSS reader — I guess you could almost call it a “Google Reader…

Yeah, it just works now. The only thing I wish they would do is give an option to hide the rooms you have in a Space on the “All rooms” area.

Considering it went from WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram competitor to that AND a potential Discord competitor in such a short time, we can at least hope its development goes even further.

I mean, for one to be able to hotjoin voice channels it would be pretty much a necessity to group servers first. Imagine have a mix of your chat rooms and voice rooms in the same space on the “rooms” tab, specially if you group them by activity.

Element is now getting closer and closer to be a 100% viable Discord alternative. Now, as a beta feature you can group your rooms and conversations in a public, private or personal, way, which means you can have something similar to Discord channels with various rooms for certain topics. …

This is a minor bugfix release to address some issues solved shortly after the last release. …

Vulkan 1.2.177 Released To Help Graphics Translation Layers

Besides the usual internal and public bug fixes, the main addition to Vulkan 1.2.177 is the VK_EXT_provoking_vertex extension. VK_EXT_provoking_vertex is for changing the provoking vertex convention from the default of the first vertex to instead the last vertex. This change is to match the OpenGL…

So they were being either extremely stupid or extremely rotten by keeping giving the kernel devs more work debugging bad code?

Spoiler tags don't work in lemmur

That was a new one for me. Post looks perfectly fine on a browser, but its formatting in general looks way off when seeing through lemmur…

AMD Releases Radeon Software Linux Driver With Vulkan Ray-Tracing Support

Yes, Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards are a hard requirement for using the Vulkan ray-tracing support. And at this time the ray-tracing support is limited to the AMDGPU-PRO driver components…

Trust me, this is huge. I´m not a modder myself, but I follow people who are, and the amounts of people that make custom 3D printed mouse shells based on Logitech´s G305 for its wireless and price are huge. It´s untapped market for these companies, good for the consumers and a marketing boost for open source.

G-wolves announced they will launch an open source programmable wireless mouse

Not many details on this one (if the entire mouse will be open source, including schematics or only the firmware), but still a huge fucking step for everyone, specially for modders and users outside of Windows (finally we´ll be able to have their mice be compatible with projects like Piper, for exam…

Opening links in a new tab

I´m not sure if I´m the only one bugged out with this, but it would be nice to have either by default or an option to open links in a new tab with the regular left click. …

Oh, I didn´t know they disabled it on Firefox (I´ve been using Fennec for a while now). It makes sense they do so (I personally don´t even use this method for extensions, all I use on Android is uBlock and Dark Reader), considering how bad of an installation method it is.

Not anymore, just extremely convoluted, if I remember correctly.

You can add any extension beyond those provided directly by the browser, but you need to go to the mozzila add-ons page, add the extensions you want to a collection, get the collection code and add it to your browser (which itself is a hidden option). So yeah, pretty much unacessible to the average user.

It depends a lot, whatsapp for example

I´m pretty paranoid about my privacy, but I still need to choose between having to use it or not having a job, since my work group is on there with no alternatives, just like pretty much any small workplaces in Brasil.

As someone who was never taught anything by my parents and have finally moved out of their house, thank you!