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This is an amazing project, not everyone is capable of hosting their own jellyfin instances, and most certainly it is be harder to.

I see their point. Except that Microsoft is anything but cohesive. Everybody lives with their decisions and tradeoffs.

Oh is it not a common occurrence.

Ever since they disabled the ability to export contacts from Facebook.

Perfect, i’ll stop releasing apps for windows.

2023: only apps that use .NET run on windows. 2024: all Linux apps are built with .NET

i think this post is offensive


True, though looking at my tcpdump tor/i2p nodes generate a lot of fake interactions. unless you connect to snapcraft.io or like that every 15 minutes you aren’t that obvious.

SNI easily gets uncovered with even the most rudimentary DPI I would think.

This. Eastern Europeans have a more closed culture and most of them don’t even speak English.

Linus in 2022: sorry guys, no releases this year, we’ve been chasing a runaway borrow around the kernel instead of facepalming unexpected memory allocation issues :D

That’s a concern, though its funny how developers bring their rules to the project and companies.

I think the problem is the people involved. How am i, a random Joe online, is meant to know whether his behavior is poor or not? It’s not like I am his friend or have even met him. A lot of people give him the benefit of the doubt, because he’s done something for them in the past. Or the opposite because of what they hear online.

it’s amazing for travel, no need to change phone number and no borders. it:s a shame UK left.

like most things, if it’s not allowed the black market has higher demand. which in the end is still tied to government. I agree that less people in the first world will have it if it’s disallowed, but I recall vaguely that burglaries during blm protests were less common in the states where gun possession was legal.

Joplin works from command-line, though admittedly I never tried. it allows you to e2e encrypt your notes also.