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Sounds sus

It shuts down right when mainstream platforms are heavily censoring content and therr is new leaked footage of some thing every week?

Hopefully various PeerTube instances and other decentralised platforms will be able to take up the role that LiveLeak was fulfilling.

very noice 👍

revive LemmyDev Mastodon account and post it there as well.

many of those are very interesting.

but I fail to see which of those are “federated”

so it’s a community that encourages us to


git gud

well then it’s not LAN Party if it’s not made by getting together and connecting computers into Local Area Network.

I like the idea of this event, and I might even join, but do consider the changing the name of the event next time it is organised.

it’s solved now

deleting 0.3.0 made it possible for 0.4.1 to successfully install.

wait, but wouldn’t that actually reflect badly on the devs?

looks like a clear exploit that should be prevented

are you aware of any projects that could be used as building blocks of such thing? or projects that are in any way related to this idea?

A website where people can propose projects that they would like to see exist, and also vote for proposals of other people.

That way we would get a good insight about what people are most interested in, and maybe the proposals with most interest would probably become actual projects.

Or not a website, just make a Lenny community for start

yes, completely FOSS

it’s audio only, but allows advanced room/channel management

Element (Matrix) however, can embed Jitsi Meet (FOSS Zoom alternative), which allows room members to use audio and video (camera or screen sharing) at the same time.

So Element is much closer to Discord than Mumble is.

Good share

I dislike Twitter, and went to search for the origin of that video.

Apparently it first appeared on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsSF1_TYdWw

Would be awesome if it was available on PeerTube or Odysee.