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Thanks for sharing this. I’m so so so so so sorry to be this person, but Columbia is in North America while Colombia is in South America :P, but the important thing is the message, not the form, so thanks again for the post :)

I didn’t know them and it was a very interesting read. As other user have said, my experience in Mastodon has been very different to theirs. And, indeed, they are responding to their area of interest: privacy. However, if you go there with the political aspiration of not contributing to big data collection in the service of ads, that’s a whole different thing to be on the lookout for! Still, I admire their work. Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for the recommendation! I have convinced most of my friends to change over to Signal over the past couple of months! However, over at the Fediverse, I’ve seen plenty of people being critical of Signal. The criticism boils down to the fact that Signal could be federated. It could use an open standard like Matrix, or at least support connections to the Matrix protocol. It could permit forks to contact the main branch users. But instead it has very deliberately disparaged federation. I won’t get into the technical and innovation part, but I will leave this article that makes a good case for explaining the Signal centralization decision by recognizing the amount of power Signal has by deciding not to federate. In other words, it seems like the Signal guy doesn’t want to lose his power. Element and any other Matrix-based client or server do not have this problem.

This is not to say that we should stop using Signal entirely. After all, your messages are indeed encrypted and we have guarantees that the client-side software is what it is.