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Some solid recommendations here, a lot overlaps with my own research. Good to know I’m on the right path.

Mullvad (Sweden) and AirVPN (Italy) seem to be the best for respecting privacy from my research. The AirVPN guys are a bit dogmatic though.

It was. Its parent company is based in Florida.

So if you don’t have anyone on WhatsApp then I suggest just uninstalling it. When a new international contact asks you to use it, suggest an alternative because the alternatives are now common and known (like Telegram and Signal). 1) it shows you’re principled and they should respect you for that and 2) if they don’t want to spend 3 minutes downloading an app for you, they probably aren’t worth your time.

However, if you’re really attracted to them my opinion above is moot of course.

Technically; you could theoretically disable the app and only enable it when you need to use it. When the app is disabled it’s not allowed to run any processes, such as collecting metadata about your phone and sending it to the home server for analysis. But when disabled you wouldn’t receive any notifications, and as soon as you reenabled it it would send that metadata. Essentially it would be like treating your WhatsApp account like an email address, and at that point, why not just tell your contacts to contact you by email?

The reason Reagan introduced neoliberalism in the 1980s was partly because academic studies at the time said that high pay dispersion led to more motivated workforces, increasing production. Of course, there were other academic studies that said it cause a ton of negative externalities like internal sabotage, mental health issues, led to higher crime, etc.

But they chose the studies that fit their ideology. I would expect nothing less from the Biden administration.

Don’t feel comfortable for privacy reasons but it was out in the prairies.

IMO SENSEX and NIFTY50 will both outperform SP500 as well over the next decade.

No. Google Docs format is proprietary. You’d have to export it and then reupload it and that would create a bunch of track syncing issues.

You could suggest to your Universities IT department that they use Nextcloud and OnlyOffice (both Open Source) instead of Google Docs, offer to show them a demo and tell them it would save them millions in licensing costs. But I imagine if it’s a Canadian University IT department they’re lazy AF. Mine switched everything over to Microsoft Office and then tried to cut professor wages to make up for the cost increase. Garbage.

He’s trying to force Bidens hand. The logic is; if I pass a tough on China rule, and Biden repeals it, Biden will be seen as soft on China. This will hurt Bidens credibility.

Of course, Biden is a Neoliberal so he will likely repeal Trumps anti-China actions in a few months in the name of trade.

That being said, if you have a direct brokerage investment account I’d be investing in the CSI300 instead of the SP500 right now.

I think it’s better to focus on your mental health for sure. I also use Huawei and Google apps but I donate to GPL licensed privacy apps and use them with friends and family where there is interest to. I hope we’re the generation that experiences true privacy on the internet but if not we can lay the foundation for the next generation.

Yes, it’s the fourth largest news agency in the world behind AP, Reuters, and AFP.

It seems super illogical to me but maybe in his manic state he was so passionate about getting better he thought by injecting it it would be more pure. He probably should have tried drinking the tea first I think he would realized the effects. Or maybe he did start drinking the tea and they didn’t hit fast enough so he thought injecting would be more effective.

Either way I thank this man for his contribution to science.

Nice recommendations, I hadn’t heard of some of these.

Lol no of course not. I just wanted to understand who you are and now I know. I don’t really care about ignorant americans they’re quickly becoming irrelevant.

Not yet. I’ve heard they’re building it since every business using the Shopify platform is using the same code. It’s a matter of aggregating it and how to do so effectively because every store is setting its own variables on products, etc.

Privacy friendly… doesn’t really exist in the land of credit cards. Though credit cards have to be PCI compliant so your data can’t be shared beyond your credit union or your credit card provider.

As Heck said, pretty much and widget/clothing/electronic item you can get on Amazon you can get on AliExpress (though likely not the same brand name.) But there’s also Gearbest, JD.com, etc.

Shopify is building a network to compete with Amazon that gives power to the vendor (ie. Shopify isn’t getting into the game of selling any products, just providing the platform for stores to sell their goods.) - you can check it out here: https://shop.app/

I don’t know of any specific privacy focused online retailers but I would suggest getting your groceries from a local co-op instead of the Joe Traders, etc. and clothing from Shopify, etc. (Though Simwood on Aliexpress can’t be beat for quality/price.)

U.S. House introduces impeachment article accusing Trump of 'incitement of insurrection'

Does Trump not wear this as a badge of honour? “Yeah I was impeached or attempted impeached because I fought the establishment and they tried to get rid of me because I fought too hard.” or something like that? This seems vindictive and polarizing for a guy who’s leaving in 9 days. Trump is the wors…