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Unfortunately, yes. It’s not just an graphics update though. They atempted to “Reforge” the experience, and utterly failed at doing so. Here’s a relatively short review of the whole mess: https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=zajyi1fy4_o

If you’re interested in more info, here’s a 18 min video on the subject: https://youtu.be/sURZZkQxru8

Better hope they don’t brutally murder it, like they did with Warcraft 3 😓

Blender looks super sleek after the 2.80 update. IMO the 2.80-up is quite modernized, streamlined and much more logical and intuitive than their older UI. Fair point on Google Docs though. Still, Google Docs just feels so much smoother as a UI. The overal style is easier on the eyes, less cluttered perhaps? And that’s mainly what the ribon-view solves. It removes clutter and organizes the icons/functions into logical categories.

Honestly, a huge issue for LibreOffice IMO is that it doesn’t look modern. This might be controversial for many LibreOffice users, but every time I show LibreOffice to friends they comment on this. Lables/ribbon view helps a lot though, at least for me.

You get notifications, but there is some sort of difference yes. Maybe it uses a more powerhungry way of fetching/pushing notifications?

Aah, I guess I can understand that! I like games that are a bit punishing, so for me those are not huge hurdles stopping me from enjoying the game. But hey, thank God we’re all different 😄

Wait, you didn’t enjoy Hollow Knight?

ETS2 is such a chill game. It helped me relieve stress as a student. I wish I could give it a go in VR with my Logitech G29. Sadly, VR is expensive :-(

I really like Nano for this exact reason (and quick/feeless payments ofc). Bitcoin is just too powerhungry… But who knows if any cryptocurrency could ever reliably replace fiat.

Is there a particular reason why Signal doesn’t just use OpenStreetMap? I don’t really like the look of this 😑

I truly hope people become more aware of the good alternatives, like Signal or Matrix-based chat apps and service. Man how I wish I could just convert everyone at the flick of a switch 😑

Not sure if I’ll get an answer here, but what is RC3 exactly? I’ve heard of RC3 world, but couldn’t figure out if it was a social mmo or something else 😅

We’ve gotta show those wannabe dictators that we don’t need them. We have to move over to decentralized stuff like Lemmy, Mastodon, Matrix and more 👍🏻💪🏻

FOSS and indie games getting their own Lemmy instance? I love the idea! Gimme a PM or something when you’re live, I’d love to follow 😀👍🏻

Can't access Lemmy without VPN

I tried to log inn to dev.lemmy a few days ago, with no luck. I finaly posted in the Lemmy Matrix-chat, and asked if the service was down for anyone else. Two responded and said Lemmy was working fine for them. After learning this, I tries connecting to Lemmy via my NordVPN. Everything is working co…