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Used plug-in hybrid vs used EV?

How green is getting a used plug-in hybrid from a few years ago versus a used EV from about the same model year? A major concern of mine is running out of power on an EV as my city has tons of suburbs with no place to charge electric cars, but a the more populated areas do have EV charging spots so …

Isn’t AcivityPub like one of the core infrastructure protocols of the Fediverse? Not sure I’d call that a “secret” weapon.

The US never intervenes unless it’s for their own benefit. Any intervention will overwhelmingly likely not benefit the people of Myanmar.

Are the Rebels in Star Wars communist?

Bit of a lighthearted question: Do you see the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars as communist? Or another form of leftist? …

Why does x86 have so many instructions?

Because having too few would be too RISC-y. …

If programmers use GitHub

Do digestive system doctors use GutHub?..

Fair enough. I really do like Star Trek’s leftist messages, and I’m trying to replicate that first and foremost in my own writing.

Good points definitely. However I personally don’t dislike media for not having alien enough aliens.

I mean, there are entire book series about sapient cats (Warriors by Erin Hunter), rabbits (Watership Down), forest creatures in general (Redwall) etc. The spinoff game series Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (which is where my profile picture comes from), focuses entirely on a world inhabited only by Pokemon, and it’s massively popular.

To be fair, we still need to be able to emphasize with alien characters and have their emotions be convincing, which is harder when they’re in the depths of the uncanny valley. Take Pokemon: the ones people think have the best design, and people think are the cutest, are usually the ones that most closely resemble just regular animals instead of the more “out there” designs. Think Pikachu, Eevee, or my favourites, Fennekin and Vulpix.

electronics with empty batteries

Shh… don’t give Apple ideas.

If the new rover finds life on Mars, we’ll end up killing it. Change my mind.

Absolutely. Romance is great when it’s an integral part of the plot, but not when it’s shoved in because you need to be able to market it.

I definitely have a soft spot for space opera, even so, I do have to admit it can get cliched at times. Still, IMO not all cliches are objectively bad, they’re used a lot because a lot of people do like seeing them.

In sci-fi, humanity tends to start off completely powerless and ignorant of alien life, yet by the end, they become a leading power. Star Trek, despite being my favorite sci-fi, is especially guilty of this. IMO it’s kind of narcissistic, and more so, boring. I’d like to see more sci-fi that focuses mainly on aliens, their culture, interactions, problems and solutions, which is why in the sci-fi universe I’m worldbuilding, humans aren’t even mentioned.

Hey, I said inconvenience, not unusable!

Western propaganda machines: “I’ll ignore that”

It also has a bonus poster inside!

What piece of media gave you goosebumps?

I’m not talking about something scary, but rather, a piece of media that was so powerful or resonated with you so much that it gave you that goosebumps and chills effect…

Simpsons lifestyle? So a horribly dysfunctional family where the baby is the most intelligent one?

Aren’t the devs of Ungoogled Chromium adamant that removing all Google telemetry is like whack a mole, and they’re never sure if they’ve gotten all of it?