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Heeding your advice, I’ve also decided to write this piece about some of the technologies at the Maloran Republic, from the perspective of a mysterious, imperialist, and narcissistic “businessman” that seeks to acquire their technological advancements for profit. This character ties into the plots for this universe, which I have been brainstorming.

Here’s the objective lore version if the additions don’t do it for you.

Please let me know what you think!

Each of the significant in-universe technologies will eventually get their own worldbuilding post though, this is just me trying something different.

Tencent has a small minority share in Reddit, so they have very little power over it. This is publicly available information that Redditors conveniently ignore.

I definitely have brainstormed a lot about their technology, which I plan to write about in future worldbuilding posts. Thanks for your insight!


Though I think the article misspelled the name of the affected villege. “Mayelin, China” didn’t get me any relevant results other than that article, and “Mayelin” isn’t a typical Pinyin spelling of Chinese characters either. Does anyone know the actual name of the villege?

My shot at creating a fictional sci-fi "post scarcity communist" world, would appreciate some feedback!

For literary roleplays and possibly a novel, I created a pair of sci-fi nations, one “communist” and one “imperialist”, inspired by Star Trek’s post scarcity world and the Cold War, and with the alien character designs inspired by Pokemon species. This is something I’ve been brainstorming for quite …

However, I did hear that the official Google app (and some other apps) will try to connect over the local network to another device, and send data out that way. I don’t know how it works or if disabling all the Google apps will stop it, but it might be worth looking into.

This advice mainly relates to VPNs and how you should disable local network access when using them for maximum protection, but it’s also relevant to degoogling your phone. Actually, disabling or sinkholing local network access should stop it.

Does Android let you configure the HOSTS file? If so, it might be helpful to sinkhole all known Google domains to localhost.

How do you get a stock ROM to be ungoogled? On all my phones, the stock ROM won’t even let you uninstall ANY of the included Google apps.

From a fellow cat lover: PLEASE keep your cats indoors-only! It’s environmentally friendly, and indoor cats live longer, and research shows they experience less stress. Cats are domestic animals, not wild ones, and shouldn’t be apart of the natural ecosystem…

I’d definitely be down, especially if there’s a place to pair up for roleplaying based on our sci-fi universes!

What do you think of the show Futurama?

It’s my “guilty pleasure” show to watch whenever I’m bored, and I’m curious what people here think of it. Especially, what do other leftists think of it? To me it doesn’t feel leftist at all, but occasionally you’ll get some based stuff in the /r/futurama subreddit, which makes me think that at leas…

Unless they simply give you the config files for building from the Lineage source repo yourself, which is certainly doable, that ROM is no longer open source.

Man, that sucks…

Wait, does Samsung even allow you to unlock the bootloader? I remember hearing something about them not letting people do that anymore.

the anarchist will tell you tankies have killed 20 million people and deny it

Isn’t most of that because of a famine? In an area historically prone to famines?

How does /e/OS compare to LineageOS?

I’m most used to LineageOS but I keep hearing people on Reddit /r/privacy say it has privacy problems, while other people here recommend /e/OS as a good alternative. Assuming I don’t install gapps (Google apps) on either or I use MicroG, how do they compare in terms of privacy? Which one is more pri…

Has anyone had any luck debating communism with Christians?

I’m not religious though I was Christian for a few years in the past. Not that fond of Christianity either now, but from reading the bible, a lot of the teachings of Jesus seem pretty similar to communism or at least socialism. For example, equality for all humans, giving everything you own to help …

Just like having employees doesn’t make you a bourgeois.

Isn’t that what bourgeois means though? Business owners that have the means of production?

Has anyone had experience debating about communism with the SJW type people?

I don’t know if that’s the best term to describe them but they seem pretty anti-capitalist and anti-colonialism. Has anyone tried talking to them about communism? How did it go?..

What do people here think of cops in socialist countries?

The sidebar says all cops are bastards, but since most people here are leftists, what makes cops in socialist countries different? If most people here support socialist cops, then shouldn’t it be all capitalist cops are bastards?..

Does anyone know any communist or other leftist roleplay communities?

Roleplay as in collaboratively writing a story as a pair or a group where each person plays one or more characters in the story, like a text version of Dungeons and Dragons. Does anyone know any roleplay communities where there are a lot of communists or other leftists? Or the very at least one with…

I heard mentions of some communists supporting abolishment of marriage and the wife, husband, and children family structure, and replacing it with polyamory and adults in a community raising all children communally. I think the justification of this goes back to how some hunter gatherer tribes did this, so it’s seen as more natural than the family structures in western society? I don’t know for sure if this is the actual reason though.

I don’t know enough about this to comment on whether it’s a good or bad idea, which is why if anyone is knowledgeable on how this might work in a modern society or justifications of it, I’d appreciate a crash course or some links.

Has anyone here read Warrior Cats?

I’ve recently been getting into Warrior Cats (or simply Warriors) by Erin Hunter as an adult, and I’m at least liking the first series. Has anyone here also read them? How did you like them? …

A “Life under communism” page and pages explaining some socialist or communist implementations like labour vouchers would be helpful!

Granted, I’m nowhere near experienced at writing communism either, but feel free to message me!

Thanks for the feedback, and yes, that’s what I meant, land, industry, services, etc are public while each animal owns their own stuff.

I wonder how many people just thought “Oh they probably mean groups like soup kitchens and Xinjiang’s Gahndi. They want democracy after all.”

Does anyone know a place for world building of fictional communist societies?

I’m a leftist amateur writer and roleplayer with an interest in writing stories set in socialist and communist societies, but I keep wondering if the worlds I have created are actually communist, and I also want to read about similar fictional worlds that other amateur writers have created as well a…