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i meant the top level posting from this thread with the link :)

if you understand how tor works, its threat models and how to work with these threat models, i’d say yes. If no, then no, you should not trust tor.

Not only would it do better attention-wise, but it also keeps Lemmy as a whole on topic.

this link was posted to the technology and the climate crisis community at the same time, but the technology post has 11 points while the one in the climate crisis community has 3. in the climate crisis community, this is nothing new AND it has only received 3 upvotes.

i still think people vastly undersestimate the severity. I think most people don’t know how tipping points work and what the actual reasons are scientists call this a climate emergency.

so i assume most people upvoting the above post would think of examples of this emergency in recent weather extremes but not of how some tipping points might be tipp over and result in a feedback loop. and these are two vastly different things.

but i have given a reasonable argument why this link is ontopic? its not that i have posted it on the chess subreddit. that would be offtopic and i wouldn’t do that because it would make not much sense.

yes, but my post here is not driven by pure logic. It is driven by caring about my future, it is driven by sadness about the current progress towards justice in this world and the anger about the ignorance of our society. the anger that still in 2021 we haven’t removed leftovers from colonialism and we still exploit poor people and nature without much change.

i am sure in 50 years you will forget about your discussions regarding where to post some article on the internet, but maybe you will remember your thoughts and discussions about climate change? because in 50 years you probably can’t stop feedback loops so it won’t matter anymore what you do and discuss?

so yes, i agree with you, but i also have different priorities. :)

the connection to techonology is that climate emergency requires to radically change the way we use technology.

The computer i write this text on is built with rare metals and was flown around the earth a few times to create its parts before it reached its final destinantion, my house. Flying is producing CO2 and it is one of the major causes of climate emergency, especially when you consider what is necessary to survive and what not. Many people on this earth don’t fly around the earth much but still live a happy life.

The way modern technology is promoted and consumed is unhealthy for our climate by throwing resources away and not repairing stuff. Fighting for a right to repair is good but i think it is not good enough as long as apple can still sell anything, because they won’t ever create a good repairable product. (and to be honest, another reason for posting that here is: i was hoping to create attention on the matter and the technology sub is more popular.)

So in essence, i disagree that it is “tangetially” related. It is one of the core problems of the next 50-100 years, which won’t go away, which will only get worse over time.

And the reason technology exists is to make people’s life easier and better, right? mostly? So technology has to adapt for the climate to survive. And even then many people will die and suffer.


my understanding from wayland is that for instance sway and hikari are very similar. And remembering my installation process of sway on fedora, it was mostly installing dependencies for the graphics driver, installing sway and running literally sway from the terminal. I also wanted to try seatd but found

if [ "$(tty)" = "/dev/tty1" ]; then
    exec sway

in my .bashrc to be sufficient. Wanted to share that since i didn’t knew that and it helps in debugging because it is easier. For seatd, i imagine it is similara to using gdm for instance. And i assume you can also start seatd manually when you are logged in a tty. When that works and you can start hikaru with that, you can figure out how to automatically start seatd on boot.

also i found the arch linux wiki to be very helpful on fedora and basically every distro i used before. they also have a wiki entry for wayland. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Wayland

Also you won’t need anything from the weston link you have given.


first of all i think it is kind of normal to not always do what parents say. I have done that and many other childs also did not do everything what parents say. in this case, for instance, your desire to explore the internet and other opinions that are different to your parents opinions is very natural to get to know what your real opinion on things is.

However, as an adult person thinking about my youth, i can say that my parents were sometimes correct in saying things but their strong opinion felt smothering. As a parent, trying to protect their children is also natural and they probably try to do best. for instance, in my youth and also now as an adult i have spend many many hours in front of an computer and it is definitely not healthy, but not using modern technology (like the internet and computers for private stuff) is probably also bad.

I guess your parents have included in their argumentation things like “life experience” by saying school is important and you should learn more or something? In part this is correct, your life will be probably easier with good grades and good education. However, the education in many states is also not that great (except when you have great teachers, that can sometimes change things), but still you need to make your own experiences. But even when the education system is bad, it still can be a useful lesson to take. Because when you are an adult your life will also consist of some things which you cannot avoid so training that skill is useful.

So in essence, i completely feel you. Breaking the trust of parents doesn’t feel good when you like your parents and like being trusted. And the anarchist perspective would be for me that trust has two sides. Your parents obviously trust you but i think your parents miss that they have to earn your trust. In typical parent-child relationships, i think most parents completely miss the points that the childs loose trust of too much authority is used. Because sometimes parents have good reasons for their thinking but they force their thinking onto their childs without explaining carefully the reasons. However, i think parents also have in many cases not the time or the will power to explain those things because they have to work a lot.

alternatively, i think you can use lemmy to ask cooking questions. see this community !cooking@lemmy.ml

and post your recipe on cooking.stackexchange if you ask questions.

my experience on posting on stackexcahnge is that overything besides stackoverflow is good when you do your own reseaerch and show effort, ask clearly, etc.

as someone previously in your shoes i can recommend to just try and fail and learn by that. In the beginning of experimential cooking i have thrown out some failed attempts but i have managed to learn things.

https://cooking.stackexchange.com/ is good for that.

Altough i don’t know much about these camps of china, i still think those ‘deradicalization’ camps have more similarities to prisons compared to freedom. And i just don’t think prisons help with deradicalization.

ah and even if you watched the talk by mark bray, i still would suggest to read the book. It is quite good and the talk serves perfectly as introduction to the book.

in short: fascism is complicated, so don’t try to understand “everything” at once. Learing to fight against fascism is a live-long learning process.

If you are interested in reading books, i suggest to read this one: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/mark-bray-antifa-the-antifascist-handbook

I suggest to start with the chapters 4,5 and 6.

Here is a 10minute video about the above book, kind of ana review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaVCb0cQfh8

if you are interested in watching videos/speeches, i suggest these two:

probably the best advice i can give you is to do what feels good. Listen to your gut feeling/instinct. If you feel good when you date this person then do it.


Great question. I think i have advice, based on personal experience. basically it depends on the quality of the political discussions you can have. I would date them and try to understand this person and their beliefs.

People have sometimes interesting reasons for not being vegans. For instance, you can argue that reducing the overall amount of meat consumption is more important than being radical vegan as soon as possible. Food/eating depends on habits, so radical changes are more likely to fail.

Also, one can argue that abolishing colonialism and capitalism is more important than individiual decisions.

These are just examples to explain why they might have legitimate reasons for doing what they do.

Also, as the left ideology is very broard and complicated, they might not define themselfs as leftist but still share common beliefs. People are probably not neutral, as many people have an opinion on fairness and justice. Also they might not have historical or contextual knowledge, for instance how their society achieved prosperity, they might not know which people suffered for that. They might not have the resources to learn about that or the time or the mental relaxation.

For instance, my parents are not leftists and they don’t read books, etc. because they have a different view of a good life. They work a lot, are very stressed but have much money and from that money, they go on holidays to reduce their stress. But they don’t know that a life with much less money but also much less stress is interesting in a different way, because you don’t need holidays. And they don’t think they can change the world and are basically too lazy/stressed to try.

Also they might have a different class-background, for instance they might be forced to work a lot compared to other higher privileged people, because they don’t earn that much money.

So it makes a lot of sense to talk about that. It makes a lot of sense to understand how people were raised and talking about that is also quite interesting, imho. But my personal experience tells me that the atmosphere of the conversation is very important. Depending on how open you are to the experiences of this person (how they were raised and how that shaped their current political belief and stuff) they might tell you personal things or just silently create a mental wall towards you. They might be shy or feel pressured, etc.

Also, you might want to be careful with chatting as it sometimes is easier to misunderstand people and create the impression of an aggressive atmosphere. Some people don’t want to chat that much where others create huge wall of texts. And political complicated discussions are more imho more interesting in person at least until you know the personality of this person very, very good.

You have asked in another thread if you should be agressively vegan. As a person that once was agressively lefist: i can tell you being friendly and non-agressive is much better.

see the above thread from StayGrounded. basicially, it is damaging for the climate, only available for rich or priviliged people and traveling by train is in general usually better.