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No of course not. How could I possibly have proof of something like that? Do you have proof that cycling is faster than walking?

But I will share something I wrote already.


  • based in usa
  • requires phone number
  • all client and server software owned and controlled by one company
  • no federation
  • has no web app


  • don’t have most of the terrible problems (is based in switzerland for example)
  • nobody uses it. for some reason everybody uses signal.
  • has a very fun built in drawing app.

That’s a great idea. Isn’t there a bot on reddit that does exactly that?

add an “all instances with the same language domain prefix” filter

was meant to solve that.

But TBH, this is the way the world is going. People are finding that sub-dividing things into categories is too limiting. Using tags works better. Why shouldn’t it be the case for filtering languages too?

The one thing i find very strange - people on lemmy aren’t posting about covid all the time. Everyone on reddit, in the news, and in real life, is talking >50% of the time about covid. But here, not a peep.

Tagging doesn’t sound like the right choice, like it would not work well. But I’ve learnt that nutomic’s plans (and yours) are usually more sophisticated than they first appear.

You’ve seen how wikipedia does it with subdomains - it’s a perfect solution.

But on second thoughts, that could be implemented very easily. You would need to make separate fr.lemmy.ml, pt.lemmy.ml… instances. The only code change needed - alongside the “subscribed local all” filters add an “all instances with the same language domain prefix” filter.

Tagging has many powerful uses. But we may not need to wait for tagging, just to get languages segregation.

This things are complicate dude The dude abides.

from our perspective it is hard to see. Yes it’s also hard to use examples from other times/places, because we can cherry pick, and anyway we never have the full context.

Have you ever tried to negotiate with an employer? Try saying “here are the wages and conditions I’m proposing. take it or leave it.” It’s the employer who has the power in the relationship, that he can do exactly that. Most of the time, it’s easy for an employer to replace employees, but it’s hard for an employee to find another job. Even worse - an employer being one man down is not a problem, but being unable to find a job, even for a short time, is a disaster.

That’s why employers can often negotiate new workers down to long hours, at below minimum wage.

There are other solutions to this problem apart from minimum wage - cooperatives, unions, etc. But min wage is the conventional one.

minimum wedge produce unemploiment This is also an interesting and complicated issue. You could discuss for hours whether that’s true or if the opposite is true. IMO it can work either way, depending on the exact industry and economy you’re talking about.

Yes this one. But you can’t force this kind of thing. They will come spontaneously or they won’t.

The only thing we could possibly do is publicise lemmy better. It is too well hidden and unknown.

The other thing could be, thinking of communities that don’t already exist elsewhere and starting them here. Or finding communities that are becoming toxic on reddit and inviting the users over. No point trying to compete with already thriving subreddits.

There is one thing that none of the reddit-clones have -> languages.

Language-based sub-domains, just like wikipedia. The way reddit and lemmy do languages just isn’t sufficient.

I get where she’s coming from. Can’t it just be “warm” instead of being “it’s not warm it’s 20° is is slightly below the standard definition of room temperature”.

We are all a bit obsessed with measurement. With finding a correct invective definition of things, so much that even the objective definition is subjective.

We’d all be happier if we could just be subjectively " warm " or “cold” instead of being objectively (but really subjectively) above or below standardised room temperature.

I think thus is what she means, she’s just criminally bad at expressing herself.

There are different employment models, all have pros and cons. There is no one perfect solution, or if there is it’s certainly not communism.

The model of employment law you’re used to, employment as a market, it works most of the time. But it only works insofar as there are strong legal protections for employees.

The employer has a much stronger bargaining position than the employee. You need to read some economics to see why. In a free market, employees get exploited. Is the past this has led to slave wages, malnourishment, etc.

The only defence the employee has is legal protections. He has a minimum wage so he won’t starve. He has maximum hours so he won’t be worked to death. But there are other spaces where he doesn’t have legal protections, so he will get exploited.

The argument here is about that.

I had an idea once that everything should have a TLDR. Even books.

If it’s 500 pages it should have a 5 page TLDR. And the TLDR should have a 0.5 page TLDR, ie the blurb. And that TLDR should have another TLDR 1% as long - ie the title/subtitle.

And you read them in that order, shortest to longest, and stop reading when you have enough detail.

“world rate of profit” ?

That’ll need some explaining. That phrase doesn’t make sense just by itself.

Think of all the other organisations who have your personal data, but it might not make the news when they are hacked.

Even electricity companies, delivery companies, even shops sometimes demand your phone number before they’ll do their job.

They probably get hacked frequently, without always making the news. This is gold for phishing and spyware companies, companies just like Facebook.

The worst is when markdown is automatically converted into rich text.


*automatically* … there we go.

Or your address. I’m never going to invite my bank manager around for drinks, so he doesn’t need to know my home address. Here’s my email.

What do you think of the global reaction to covid, in this context?

Being asked to prove I’m not a robot, by a robot.

Traffic lights in places they’re not needed.

Cobblestones on cycling routes.

Casual incompetence - shop staff who aren’t very good at counting money - telephonists who aren’t very good at listening - managers who aren’t very good at being on time.

The ill-thought-out anti-covid policy in most territories.

The gradual descent of western society into slavery.

Why is nobody else bothered by these things?

For this reason, you could try getting them on Wire instead. It’s also very secure (more secure than signal) but it has the drawing feature, which nothing else has, and which is very fun.

Open survey about censorship on lemmy

This seems to be becoming the hot topic, the elephant in the chatroom - the balance between censorship / freedom of speech on lemmy. There are solid arguments for both ways, and good compromises too. …

How to donate to lemmy

Yes friendly pop-up, i would like to donate to lemmy. I’m not familiar with any of the services linked though. Is there a bitcoin address i can transfer to?..

Getting other reddit clones federated

Has anyone discussed with admins of the notabug and saidit and the others, getting them federated with lemmy? …