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I want to agree with, but also I think that there is no right or wrong. What works works.

Convincing friends & family only works to a degree. Some people I wouldn’t even try to talk about stuff like this, let them come to you if they ever want to know about software freedom or privacy, they already know that you care. But some people will be perfect on the fediverse or on a nextcloud instance, lemmy whatever. Not all of these at once.

Then wait a year or so and more people in your periphery will suddenly ask about stuff etc, because they see that the other “not so much into technology” people like it.

To get “global attention”, open-source projects need the difficult stuff that are hard to get and get right as a project, like a really good UI, more convenience than the opposition etc.

Also I have to add: I don’t care that much, liberapay is awesome still, I just wonder why they don’t host their own blog, they have lots of infrastructure anyways, right?

You can only read a couple of articles, then they want you to create an account to keep reading, for example. (I think, but I couldn’t find proof on this one quickly)

Also this practice of getting people to connect their other accounts:

everything starts with a good name:

  • fediverse popularity task-force (FPTF)
  • users advertising fediverse services (UAFS)

soemthing like that? Open a sublemmy for it, I’ll join and help moderate it.

I am here to say that being pro privacy and anti-censorship is political.

Maybe your countries parties (if you have democracy) don’t align perfectly on that scale, but that doesn’t change that.

Hmm it kinda sucks that they are using medium for the blog

They were doing that three years ago, but then their payment processing partner canceled their contract or something like that

It’s pretty entertaining I think, takes a little bit of time to understand what’s going on but there is are lots of VODs to re watch and he streams >10 hours per day lately. …

So my largest criticism of the article would be this part:

Megan Squire is a professor of computer science at Elon University who has published research on both the far right and open source software communities. She says that “the dominant open source culture historically has been one of extreme misogyny, unfounded meritocracy, toxicity and abuse of everyone,” and that Smith is one of those resisting efforts to change that culture.

I don’t think that this is a fair introduction to open-source culture, even though it is true.

But otherwise I think the article is pretty good…

During years, twitter (/facebook) gave a platform for free hate speech talk and didn’t moderate. And twitter became too big to be able to moderate its platform.

That’s true, twitter could have done something, but they didn’t…

My opinion is that the fediverse will make those extremists become unheard again as most instances will ban the few “free hate speech” instances.

I am not that optimistic that hate speech instance will be few and easy to ban, but I am optimistic that the tech will be able to come up with clever ideas to find a mix between white and blacklisting new instances. Maybe a trust system or something like that will help.

This is Luke Smith’s peertube instance where he gets ~1k views per video of his and high comment engagement. That makes sense since he has tech-savy and independence interested fans and pretty well produced content.

But also it’s unfortunate, how much would we wish to see leftist content creators from youtube set up their own peertube instance, that would be awesome. But no, the crypto alt-right dude does it. Sucks tbh

Maybe this topic deserves its own thread?

I am finally giving this an upvote because I feel this thread has good discussion on the topic and on luke smith, even if the article wasn’t very good.

Also, and this is kinda unfortunate given my comment above, the couple of videos that I have seen of him explaining linux tech are kinda good, apart from the politics part…

A linux tech tutorial guy from Youtube ( and Peertube who uses a ton of chan memes, which by itself isn’t a problem but his blog has some interesting content:

Alex Jones, increasingly BASED, now even more banned from everything:

In Defense of “Pseudoscience”:

Afaik there is no proof that he believes in conspiracy theories or is racist or whatever, but many of his video give me the vibe that he isn’t being honest about his politics. And I don’t get that feeling just from him using the typical memes, I have spent my fair share of time on the chans.

also it was run by this person:

It’s the person that was involved in the recent gab hacks I believe

Also, chances are doubling the capacity will double the explosion risk.


Most content on the internet is some kind of repost so I think that shouldn’t be a problem.