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I made up my opinion after they pushed a narrative in the face of reality time and time again. Like the endless “articles” claiming their forced labor camps are a lie, and their utilization in pushing false calm to the world about covid in the early days.

They are a state run organization under the control of a totalitarian regime who only pretends to be communist, their “articles” reflect that. As I said, they’re only useful in seeing where the wind is blowing.

So even if you dont agree with them

I mean, they’re a state run media, it’s a deceptive propaganda machine that honest people should find themselves disagreeing with, they’re only useful for knowing what the CCP is doing, and maybe getting a glimpse at why, but usually, the “why” is a lie.

I’d trust them as much as I trust Fox News to give me the truth.

This feels like a publicity stunt, Apple does not sell privacy, they sell privacy theater.

I’m happy to see this tangible move towards privacy though.