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76% of the top 1000 games on Steam run on Linux. https://www.protondb.com/

Lemmy is a federated and FOSS link aggregator and discussion platform. Hexbear is just a singular forum. Think of Lemmy as the Fediverse’s answer to corporate platforms like Reddit.

…which Lagrange theme is this?

My suggestion for an alternate top text: “Join the Party”

Yes of course but the corporate platform to which it is most comparable is Reddit

This seems to be the unpopular opinion, but I actually think it’s important that we frame it as ditching corporate spaces, and I think this will get the most users on board with everything (not even just Lemmy, the whole Fediverse as well.)

There are ways to make posts on Gemini - there was recently a social network project posted here that allows users to make posts.

Gemini Link Aggregator? (Hypothetical)

I was wondering today - would it hypothetically be possible to create a Lemmy/Reddit-style link aggregator completely in Geminispace? It seems like it would be an interesting project!..

Don’t you just love intrusive thoughts? I recently read something about how these may be an evolutionary response to dangerous situations so you know what to avoid. I prefer to think of them like that.

This is very interesting! I’ll probably check it out.

Hate to break it to you, lady, but that’s capitalism in action. They’ve figured out it’s cheaper to squeeze value from one employee at a time, then hire someone new when they’re done with them.

“Is this normal?”


It might be illegal, even in the US, but in the US anything is legal if your victims are too poor to sue.

I had COVID, called in to work, and my bosses still wanted me to come in, despite my positive test. They settled for making me work from home while miserably sick :)

Feel free to create communities you want to see. Some of them may stick, some of them may not, but this site is built of user contributions. I would definitely join pre-2010 gaming and retrogaming communities!

I wanted to reply but my phone gave me a warning for anti-corporate wrongthink. I need to update to Platinum to be able to say whatever I want (within the Terms)

I really enjoy your thoughts about this.

I discovered this excellent performance of Silly Wizard’s “The Queen of Argyll” today and figured I’d share!..

I have created a new community as I recently saw there isn’t an existing community for go, the ancient Chinese board game of strategy. …

How to cope with lack of IRL friends/acquaintances on the Fediverse?

So, I completely switched to FOSS federated social networks toward the middle of 2020. I love the Fediverse, but nobody I know IRL seems to care at all about it in any capacity, so I’m basically just screaming into a void full of other FOSSheads. How do I reconcile this? How do we get our IRL peeps …

Spotted on Diaspora today…


Hey everyone, I figured I’d just share some guitar videos I’ve put up on PeerTube…

What are these cats I'm seeing everywhere as avatars? [SOLVED]

I feel like every third person has that same cat as their avatar. Some are like different colors and some just have an overlay or whatever but it’s the same cat. What is it??? …

Best Places to Meet New People Online?

Hello everyone. So this year has me feeling very isolated and I’m thinking about how easy it used to be to meet people online and how difficult it’s become to do so. There used to be tons of good places to meet people but internet culture has changed so much that now it’s virtually impossible. Even …

My previous PeerTube instance is down. Which one should I join?

As the title states, the PeerTube instance I had previously been using is down with no warning. I didn’t like it that much anyway. I’m looking for a good instance with anti-nazi moderation that has local content but also federates with many other instances. I’ve been thinking about framatube but is…

Is there a way to block Roku adds and tracking with my router?

Hey everyone, I’ve recently been wondering if there were any good ways to block ads and tracking on my Roku on the router level. I can’t really set up a pihole or anything like that (which would be perfect for this, I know) right now. …

Hey everyone, if you use Pidgin, the wonderful multi-protocol free and libre instant messaging client, come join me over at c/pidgin.

How to only see subscribed communities on front page?

PLEASE is there a way to ONLY see SUBSCRIBED communities on my front page? I’m CONSTANTLY seeing stuff from communities I’d actually rather like to block and I’d just like it to not be included by default…