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thank you, i put a lot of work in this 🤗

I used alpine on a home media server, and actually like it quite a bit, unfortunately after I transferred to a raspberry pi, I can only use one of the few debian spinoffs (dietpi in my case) to support booting from an external disk from an rpi :/

at last, some good news 🥳🥳

it’s not exactly the end per se, but it’s likely the beginning of its downfall

yeah, this is such a wild concept, and what’s even more surprising is that most people don’t notice the ridiculousness of trying to formalize actions against the status quo system within the legal framework of the status quo system 🤷‍♀️

every time there’s a protest near me, the organizers are going far and beyond to make sure that not only the protest only consits of people walking down the streets, they are riligiously making sure that things like people walking across the street without the green light or some shit doesn’t happen…

i guess a lot of it is for self preservation legally, but still, it’s a view the majority of the population holds

this is actually the first time I ever had to call these by some name other than “circly ricy thingies”, so I had to google for their name lol

unfortunately no, i haven’t yet tried to diy vegan mozzarella, but there are a many good recepies on /r/vegancheesemaking/ with different modifications

rice waffles with vegan mozarella 😋…

yeah, non-public accidents prior to the accident in 1986 was probably the biggest part for me…

i never said that either veganism or anti-natalism are intrinsically fascist (lol) or whatever, I actually agree with most of the things that you wrote, I merely said that anti-natalism could maybe lead to more extreme eco-fascist beliefs, and veganism to lead to kill people who are unkind to animals (although the latter is much less likely tbh, yeah, i take it back, the last thing we need to worry about is extreme vegans :)

the report, timed to the 35th year since the Chernobyl nuclear reaction accident, contains a lot of interesting previously unknown information …

ethnic genocide to help reduce climate change is quite different from not having children, because the latter entails literally no suffering, in fact, any notion of suffering of an unexisting human is meaningless and void

a good analogy would be choosing to abort children with genetic defects, because they will suffer their entire lives and/or possibly need things that would then be unavailable to already existing humans like donors’ organs, medical help etc, which isn’t considered eugenics

also, eco fascism, compared to not having a child in a developed country, is completely impractical (i feel pretty cruel saying this, but i need to somehow stood down to their level to argue against it from a practical point of view), because people in developing and poorer countries typically have the least environmental impact…

the childfree and vegan movement need to tread carefully to not fall into eco-fascism or eugenics, in the sense that people should not be physically prevented from having children and we shouldn’t kill non-vegans, but they should at the same time be aware of what having a child means for you, for them, animals and the earth

more non-vegan people definitely brings more animal suffering, not sure what to add here, this is self explanatory

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from his gofundme page

I have started a 501c4 nonprofit called Repair Preservation Group Action Fund which seeks to get Right to Repair legislation passed, through a direct ballot initiative. Direct ballot initiatives allow citizens to vote on legislation. This way, people - NOT politicians, decide on whether something becomes a law.

you’re welcome 😎

but don’t hesitate, there’s literally like one bottle left on the shelf 😢


so glad the FREEMARKIT^™ graced our sinful souls with this heavenly hydrogen tiddy juice 🥳🥳…

What's your favorite software for generating fake identities?

i needed one for filling out required info on some stupid account: things like address, phone number, name etc… …

what the fuck

Has anyone else noticed how fruits and vegetables have been getting consistently worse over time?

we have a small community garden in which we grow some fruits and vegetables in the summer, including tomatoes, strawberries, carrots, cucumbers, apples etc, some of these plant species are many decades old and they taste amazing …