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i’ve been using upmasked for some time, but unfortunately lately most of their numbers no longer work when trying to verify/sign up for something because they were probably used many many times and as a result have been flagged by major companies such as ggl or fb, at least in my experience, still works perfectly fine for smaller things tho…

btw i think the dev of the project is a lemmy user :)

the analysis is hereby concluded, anti-militant-vegan people have lost in the debate, thank you for your contribution ✊🥦

oooh, yes, it’s a classic already:

a potentially nice thing that will be used by omnis as a moral excuse not to go vegan and by companies to divert attention from the detriments of animal farming to make omnis feel better about themselves

major vertical farming vibes here

it’s awful how soy gets all the negative publicity because of this and clueless people translate this into “soy food is environmentally unfriendly”, while the opposite is true

what even more bizarre is that some shitty animal product sellers attempted a PR campaign something along the lines “soy bad, meat good” which is insane…

risc-v is licensed under cc, so there’s going to be a lot of progress in chip designing and manufacturing by more entities participating, which means more likely there will be someone making libre hardware, as opposed to an x86 duopoly

even if beagle-v in particular is going to end up really locked up for whatever reason (i personally don’t think so), it will pave the way for libre hardware potential in the future, at least in my opinion

probably, but still, i’m just happy that we are finally going to be getting non-arm/x86 general purpose hardware :)

btw there are laptops that can be powered directly from ac bypassing the battery when plugged in, primarily macbooks, but i think there are others as well

tbh it’s ridiculous that this functionality is not included with every single device that contains a battery, probably would have saved a ton of resources by significantly delaying battery degradation, especially in laptops…

cool, but only until someone simply retrains an algorithm on this specific data-set

since all anarchists are gathering under this post, what is some good beginner level anarchist theory?

i’ve been introduced to veganarchism a few days ago and found the ideas very close…

well, yeah, there’s github and /c/lemmy for suggestions and complaints, but calling a community for suggestions etc userunion would be clever i thought

nice collection!

i’ve been trying to get the IMK case for the corne kb for quite some time now but i always miss the group buys and they’re literally never in stock 😤

wait, are you referring to the recent but now taken down video be earthling ed about GR, but the link in the comment is to a text post?

btw has anyone archived that video by any chance? no one on reddit seems to have it…

btw this tool downloads it from youtube, just in case

oh my god, just thinking about the smell seriously makes me car sick 🤢