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What are some good USB Wi-Fi adapters are natively supported by the Linux kernel?

I have single board computers running Armbian, and so far I’ve just been communicating with them over UART, but obviously I need network connectivity for them. Are there any USB Wi-Fi adapters that are natively supported by the Linux kernel without needing to download something first? I really pre…

I got some concerns with the “fake news” part of this post. Let me just clarify that personally, I’ll only remove things that are without a doubt false, and maliciously so, things like “Trump won the 2020 election”, “Climate change isn’t real” or “Vaccines cause autism”. Or, from news sites that have been proven to be puppets of organizations like the CIA. Stuff that “might be wrong” is generally left to up/down votes.

Though keep in mind that I’m talking about removing things at the site level with this, moderators of individual communities are generally free to remove stuff the admins don’t have a problem with at their own discretion.

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Regarding blogspam

In the recent months, we’ve been getting more blogspam accounts, and the administrators have been discussing behind the scenes on how to deal with it. Blogspam is against the rules of this Lemmy instance and is treated the same as any other spam. That is, offending posts will be removed and blogspam…

I use it, and I can’t make any guarantees obviously, but Ecosia publishes their financial reports, and in my environmental science major, we’ve had guest lectures from places like Brazil that has talked about how Ecosia has contributed to their ecological restoration efforts. It does use Bing as its its search engine and advertisement provider (though with a lot less data collected than actual Bing), so libre enthusiasts may be (understandably) put off by it (I just use it through a VPN, Bing doesn’t execute any JavaScript on Ecosia so they can’t fingerprint your browser), and maybe you can make the argument that its contributions aren’t worth the drawbacks, but I don’t think it’s an outright scam.

Plenty of great suggestions already, and I echo most of them, but I’m going to add two that I haven’t see mentioned:

  • Luminous for blocking specific JavaScript events and event handlers (I use it mainly for reducing the effectiveness of session recording).

  • uMatrix for blocking site (anti)features such as scripts, cookies, media, XHR, etc on a per-domain per-site basis. IMO it provides the most granular control among all the similar blockers.

Sadly, it seems they’re both no longer being developed, but they still work fine for the time being. I’ve also been thinking of picking up the Luminous codebase in the future.

however really disliked that pretty much all TVs today are Smart TVs

I think you should be fine if you never connect it to the internet. We’re not at the stage where TVs have their own independent data connection (yet).

Though you can still get dumb consumer TVs if you look hard enough, but I agree that they’re becoming rarer.

Fair enough. You can also see a clear divide along political lines. Korea (both Koreas) and China doesn’t really like Japan, while the US does.

Smart TV suddenly stopped looking up tracking domains. Is this bad?

We have a family Samsung smart TV that is configured to use my Pihole instance as its DNS. When it was first set up, it looked up a blocked Samsung domain every few seconds whenever it was on (this is with ACR tracking “disabled” in the settings). Now it doesn’t anymore, but I still get activity fro…

Yeah, I think a benefit of compute modules in today’s tech environment is that it’s self contained and can be made for extremely backward and forward compatibility and let you use whatever compute hardware you want as long as it exposes the required interfaces, especially one of the open source standards out there.

Though I think the holy grail at least for upgradability is to have a standardized laptop motherboard, or, somehow fit something like an ITX board into a laptop form factor? I guess you’d prefer this option?

Anyone who denies it at this point is either living under a rock or has ulterior motives.

For a hypothetical modular laptop, would you prefer one based around an integrated system-on-module or everything separate?

Modular laptops are few and far between, but the concepts and in-market products that I have seen seem to fall into two general categories: ones that are based around a removable system on module with the CPU and RAM soldered, and ones that are all-out discrete for everything, including socketed CPU…

Got it, thanks!

BTW, in the future, please mention me by my lemmy.ml username. I’m not a mod on Lemmygrad.

What are some good themes for making Qt and GTK apps look consistent with each other?

I use KDE Plasma, which is great, but it always bothers me on the default themes, most third party apps have a different design language compared to the desktop and system apps due to them being GTK and Plasma being Qt. Are there any good themes that can be installed for both Qt and GTK and make the…

What do you think of USB C as a charging connector compared to a magnetic charging connector?

My first laptop was a Surface, so was my second, both having the magnetic Surface Connect port. Recently though, I bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad, which charges via USB C. My first thoughts were that the USB C was a lot less convenient. With a magnetic connector, I could just wave the cable at the por…

This comment of yours is fair enough to make. However, Poland is still a sovereign nation, so there is only a small amount of “ordering around” that the EU can do. Not only because that is how the EU is “designed”, but also because Polish nationalists/conservatives would love to shout out to anyone hearing them that they are being overruled by the EU (thus only gaining more power). So to be honest I do not know what could be a solution to this, but I agree something needs to happen.

Okay? But at the end of the day, that means nothing to the oppressed LGBTQ+ people in Poland.

Haven’t you noticed e.g. the rising Chinese “imperialism” in Africa?

You mean the billions that China has poured into Africa in the form of supplies, infrastructure and now vaccines without requiring any of it to be repaid? China is also famous for outright cancelling debt for African nations especially in times of crisis like the pandemic. If they’re trying to be imperialist, they’re not good at it.

What measures beyond “strongly worded letters” would actually have made a difference?

Breaking economic ties? The EU was pretty quick to ban Huawei on a rumour they they were spying on users (rumours spread by the US mind you, a country that has been confirmed to have spied on EU countries in the recent past). Why not do the same with Apple or Google?

Irrelevant, and a bit racist of you…

Go on somewhere like Reddit /r/Europe and there is plenty of white supremacy to be found, so clearly many Europeans themselves think being white is an important factor.

What the south needs to do right now is to strengthen its own unions like the ASEAN or MERCOSUR.

“Why don’t the oppressed just… stop being oppressed?”

Meanwhile they have used the pandemic as an excuse to cut wages and generally make workers’ lives harder, while saying that “we’re all in this together”.

Calling the rich pigs is unfair to pigs.


In Europe, while stepping over other, especially poorer and non-white countries.

Seeing how they’ve only made timid attempts at criticism against the human rights disaster that is the US (especially Trump’s US), they clearly don’t give a shit. It also hasn’t done anything against the rampant homophobia and erosion or women’s rights in Poland, as an even more close to home example.

Has done some good work like the GDPR and picking fights with tech corporations. On the other hand, it gives Europeans a massive sense of euro-supremacy. Just look at /r/Europe and its meme analog, /r/YUROP. Also gives Europe a united front to be imperialist.

I support some of the projects that the EU undertakes like the GDPR, but I certainly don’t all of what they do or their general ideology (Eurosupremacist capitalism).

They also participate in the capitalist propaganda war against socialist countries like Vietnam, Venezuela, the DPRK and especially China, while supporting the US in its world domination efforts.

A coalition of rich imperialist white countries? Hmm, wonder how that could be bad!

The EU also has the European Arrest Warrant, which speeds up criminal prosecution and extradition across borders. Sounds great on the surface, but it has no dual criminality clause (other than with a few EU countries that chose to add that stipulation) and IIRC doesn’t say much about how severe a crime needs to be for it to apply. There’s currently a problem with it being used on petty crimes across EU borders when it was intended for more serious crimes.

Hmm, can you say !acab@lemmygrad.ml?

China is providing a lifeline to Global South nations […] excluded by the West’s neocolonial vaccine apartheid. So why is China being smeared for its efforts?

Want to take a guess?