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This actually explains a lot to me. Thank you. I have switched to Mull recently and so far so good. There have been some worries about broking a few websites because of all the hardening, but as it seems for my usage, there are no problems whatsoever. I must agree with you. Mull is the best browser for Android I have been able to find so far.

I am using FairEmail myself, but K-9 Mail is really good from what I can remember from the time I was using it.

I have noticed this exact behaviour too. I have actually unintentionally uninstalled the main app thinking it was just a language pack… Not that I have any idea why it is happening, but it is not user-friendly at all.

Never feel stupid about such things. This is how learning works. And, in my opinion, it is one of the most amazing processes of a human mind. Have fun with Rust.

This is good to know. Might as well keep a closer look on this fork, then. Thanks.

Ardour is said to be exceptionally good, at least from what I have heard. Thanks for pointing it out. Might be worth remembering it when the time comes. It is true that the learning curve is on another level entirely compared to Audacity, though.

Yes, you are right. This is what comes to my mind. Let us see what the future brings.

So, anyone knows about a good Audacity alternative? It is not so bad yet of course, but I think I will rather be prepared :( Sad times indeed.

Hey, as far as I know, you can see the modlog for yourself. Find your post (currently a fifth from the top), see the reason for removal and possibly discuss with the participating mod the reason to better understand what has gone wrong and what to avoid in future posts. I do not think you can see the post in your post history, but this is a way to see the original post plus some additional info about the removal, if necessary. (Just my 2c, I have no official standing in this.)

Adding it as an option would be lovely. I don’t think it should be on by default, but as an option, sure. You could open an issue if there is not one already opened.

Where exactly? Do you mean i = i + 1;? Yes, that would be the same statement – producing the same result. You could also use i += 1; so you spare one character you don’t have to type (i) – this is used in Python for example, because Python doesn’t use ++ operator for increment, it doesn’t know ++ operator in fact. But it turns out programmers are lazy and increment by one is so often used that some programming languages (such as C or C++) defines ++ operator as even a quicker way to increment by one.

i++ is a simple statement increasing the value of i by one. The statement from the picture does the same thing, the code is just really obfuscated. The boolean value false is usually represented as zero, true as one. Therefore, we have false, negation operator ! makes it true. When we apply the minus operator, the programming language implicitly converts true to 1. Adding minus, we get -1. Operator -= takes the value from the left operand and subtracts from it the value of the right operand. The result is stored to the left operand. Therefore, we have a value in i, let’s say 5, we take the value and subtract -1, making it 5-(-1), get 6 and return the result to i. Here you have your increment of i, i++.

I must say I really like the difference in votes there and here. It clearly says something.

You are right, xBrowserSync syncs only bookmarks. At least for now.

Yes, Okular is multi-platform.

FBReader is a proprietary software though. Probably not something people here would want to use (regardless of the possible qualities of this app, one can never know what exactly the application does with your stuff). Open source versions have been discontinued and are no longer developed AFAIK.

You are right, when your master password gets stolen, the attacker doesn’t know which sites under which usernames you use, but it is not so hard to get to this information in these days, I’d say. Still, once the password is stolen, you won’t just say “Oh, nobody knows my username for sure, so I won’t bother changing it.” and I find the process of changing passwords much easier with a standard password-username-site database. And for sure, Lesspass solves other issues, but with all of its quirks / security features, Lesspass doesn’t interests me that much.

That’s so very true.

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Ah, yeah. That’s me a few hours ago today… And an hour ago… I like the feeling of understanding and realization when you finally track the bug down though. Very satisfying.