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Third party cookies are not the only tool used for tracking. You can already block them and very few sites will break. If a company really wants to track you without third party cookies they will end up using cname cloaking or even just proxying the requests to the tracker’s server via their own domain.

I’m not sure I’d want to use a hardware key for file encryption. They can get lost, and that would mean losing all of your data. I personally only use my key for U2F, as a second factor, with TOTP backup codes in case I lose my key.

There is no better way to describe it.

For open street map, Magic Earth is decent, though it is proprietary. They still have a good privacy policy and aren’t in the advertising business so its clearly a step up from Google maps.

Looks more like a bug to me. The comment has been deleted but cache issues make it display or something like that. Reddit is clearly not the highest quality of software out there.

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Honestly I have no issue with a bit of telemetry, it helps them a lot to know how much attention they’re getting and where.

As long as the data is not used to target marketing I’m mostly fine with it.

I wasn’t aware of that. Thanks, I’ll avoid it in the future.

Thats cool and all, but could be even better if they asked about their Matomo.

Can you give a bit more details?

Google does the same if I remember correctly, they tell you to disable cookies in your browser’s settings.

wouldn’t it be better to make social media a more welcoming place?

The fact that I found it disorienting proves you wrong.

Please take the time to think wether your aggressiveness brings anything.

No need to be aggressive.

Having placeholder text for inputs describing what the fields is for is quite widespread and not an issue at all. It is true that currently finding where to comment on Lemmy can be a bit disorienting when you begin using the website.

The Conversation is a really good source of content that is really interesting. Zero clickbait and really interesting topics.

Yeah this is really annoying. I end up setting Lemmy to only show me posts local to lemmy.ml

I think it is planned to have ways to filter communities/instances similar to Mastosdon.

Yeah, but the battery usage due to the browser causes negligible pollution compared to the construction of the device and the operation of servers.

Honestly, I don’t think that browsers themselves make a real impact on the environment.

But if you want to reduce the impact of your browsing:

  • browse less (duh)
  • always use an ad-blocker (ublock Origin on Firefox is the best adBlocking out there), this reduces how much you’re being pushed to consume and makes advertising companies lose money

How is it “working”?

If websites end up blocking access to EU citizens instead of complying it doesn’t help.

BTW please switch of Windows 7, it’s outdated and doesn’t get security updates anymore.

I think it’s a clear improvement to the old interface, and makes the feature more discoverable…

There was a thread recently about a video debunking this one. I haven’t been able to find the thread but the video itself is here: What I’ve Learned or What I’ve Lied About? Eating less meat won’t save the planet. Debunked..

If I remember correctly the main guy that is interviewed actually works for the food industry.

A lot of food is being grown exclusively for feeding animals, the use of residue doesn’t mean that it would be wasted otherwise, and that no food is being grown for animals.

Reducing meat intake is also something that can be done very easily with clearly known health benefits. Removing the use of fossil fuels is going to be a much larger change that individuals can’t do much about. Of course we should vote and push for policies that reduce fossil fuel use, but it shouldn’t mean we can’t do anything else.

Hell site - Aral Balkan

I found this to be a nice re-flexion around the issues of Venture Capitalism founded websites…

Hell site - Aral Balkan

I found this to be a nice re-flexion around the issues of Venture Capitalism founded websites…