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I like it! By the way, when I go to your hello-gemini page, looks like the link back to the main page is broken. It links to gemspace.cedricbonhomme.org/posts/gemspace.cedricbonhomme.org and fails

Hot damn! I don’t know the specific patches, but according to the email (tl:dr;) a team at University of Minnesota was submitting patches they knew were broken to “test” how the kernel team responded. They had apparently published papers on it.

That makes sense! I’m already having nutritional yeast regularly, and just started drinking soy milk because it seems fairly protein/nutrient dense. I was actually thinking I’d prefer go to meals because I don’t get bored of individual meals, but rather get bored of having to think of and make different meals. Measuring a bunch at one time, then not thinking about food for a few weeks is the dream lol.

Personal Site on gemini

I just spent a few hours getting relayd working properly, setting up a gemini server and posting my site to gemini! It’s mostly there, but I’m missing pictures. So far, I really like it. …

That makes sense! I have been eating lots of nutritional yeast, but have been a little worried about my omega-3s. Do you just eat chia seeds plain?

Hey, thanks! I made it. Want one for you?

Do you track nutrition? If so, how?

I am a somewhat recent vegan, and an even more recent dumbphone user (which means, no easy app to keep track of what I’m eating). Basically, I am trying to consume less wasteful things all around. …

I love playing Super Tux Kart. Racing with my friends is awesome, and I’m personally a huge fan of soccer-mode.

Oh wow. Is that actually not satire?

lol. just to check, you calling google drive a communist service?

godot is not really useable from command line, but if yoi’re looking to make a game it works pretty well and exports to android easily. it’s not lightweight, but it tends to be in package managers so that’s a plus

Frankly, that’s ridiculous and arbitrarily. I don’t believe in inevitable progression, but humans have done a decent job of organizing reasonable structures, despite greater and greater populations. I am no fan of neoliberal capitalism, but i believe it is better than feudalism, and I believe that through cooperation and struggle, we can imagine and implement better worlds.

So, I want to jump in and say that Star Trek is intentionally narcissistic. If you think of it as Science Fiction, I really think it falls short. What I think is a much better perspective is “What could humans be in a post-scarcity world?” Not that it makes the tropes any less annoying, but it does make the episodes that explore that much more meaningful. Star Trek is a critique of humanity, and an imagination of what we could become. It is less about interactions between different intelligences (although some episodes try, and usually fail to be) and more about how humans can interact with themselves.

I really like C.J. Cherryh’s books. So many have interactions between human and “Alien” worlds, and do a really good job of having “Equal/Greater Non-human intelligences” I especially recommend “Foreigner” and “Faded Sun Trilogy”

ok, then that’s true. no text selection in mupdf. At least in Lineage OS though, i just share it to the default print service in files, but i guess idk if that’s possible in android proper.

i may be in the minority, but i like leaving them up and manually marking them complete. I use it as a little reminder that i want to respond to a comment

Environmental Charcoal Fixative?

Hello! I have been taking a drawing course, and one of the supplies is this spray on fixative for charcoal which is apparently horribly toxic. I don’t really want to be spraying it. What is the greenest alternative, store bought or homemade? I noticed one that was made from milk protein, which seems…

The only thing i can think of would be subscribing to all the communities you’d like to see, but i too would like the option to selectively not get certain communities in my, but still get new ones, etc.

Anyone do emulator development?

If so, worth adding a dedicated community?..

What About Fibers

So, after my previous post to this community I was convinced enough to work towards eating entirely vegan. So far I have been loving it (still not sure what to do with the chicken stock in my freezer though). Now I’m hoping someone has some thoughts on clothes/beddings. I usually shop at thrift stor…

Fantasy Consoles

After playing Celeste, I got to reading about fantasy consoles. Basically, they are emulators for systems which don’t exist. New games can be written with simulated limitations, allowing for the kind of creativity of older consoles. I am wondering if anyone ha…

Community for MilkyTracker/ChipTunes, or an AmeteurMusic community?

I made a brief chip tune in Milky Tracker and it’d be fun to share it but I’m not sure where to. I thought of making a MilkyTracker community, but perhaps that’s too specific. Do enough people use that, or would a “Chip Tune” be better? Alternatively, it could be fun to have an amateurmusician or so…

Gamedev Coop

Hello, over on r/socialistprogrammers there has been a lot of talks of coops lately. Myself and at least one other person have been courting the idea of starting a gamedev coop with socialist ideals. We are still in the planning phase, and if you’d like to be involved, send us an IRC message at irc…


Sorry I’ve been spamming c/art. …

You may recognize this because I posted the still a couple weeks ago, but I spent the past week making some tools for pixel-art animation and this is the result…