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Sorry my bad, I didnt pay attention to the usernames. Yes from what my friends told me, its really common for people in China to use VPN, particularly if they want to use blocked sites like facebook or twitter.

Dis you even read the linked section? It says that some VPNs are blocked, but the Wikipedia article itself describes how to use VPN and Tor from China. Not a word about them being legally banned as you initially claimed.

Anyway this is completely off topic, so stop spreading these baseless rumors.

Which tool are you talking about that got banned? Also, what does it have to do with this thread?

Chinese University launches Summer of Open Source Promotion Plan (similar to Google Summer of Code)

I understand that this is similar to Google Summer of Code, and it seems like people from all countries can participate…

Did you try Lurtis? With that its quite easy to install and play most games.

Thats true, but techie circles are a pretty small minority of the population, and I would hate to limit Lemmy to that group.

The thing is that Reddit is only well known in the United States. In most other countries it is very obscure.

I agree on ditching corporate spaces, but I also think that we shouldnt only compare Lemmy to Reddit. People can join Lemmy from all kinds of different platforms.

Thats definitely possible.

Without checking, its probably under, 100 MB. The main thing that matters for disk usage are image uploads, which can take a lot of space over time.

Distrowatch is completely useless for stats, their ranking is only based on the number of visits that each distro gets on their site. It has nothing to do with actual download or installation numbers.

So what. Go back to the Reddit circlejerk if you cant handle the fact that people have different opinions.

So all your comments were just so you could put me into a category of “bad tankie” or “decent person”? You never intended to have an actual discussion? You should have said so from the beginning, then I wouldnt have wasted my time responding to you.

Are you calling me media-illiterate and comparing me to a neonazi, or am I misunderstanding you? And I dont see what the USSR has to do with our discussion on China.

Those are good points, but you would be a lot more convincing if you didnt insult everyone who disagrees with you. Disagreement is normal, and we cant expect everyone to share the same opinion (that would be very boring).

I am familiar with these kind of articles on China, there are new ones every day after all. And they are all similar, outrageous claims with very little proof, and if you follow that its usually entities which are financed by the United States or other western governments. Which is very convenient because those same countries seem to view China as an enemy. So I dont see these articles as real proof, but of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Sorry but I cant find any clear definition of this “cultural genocide” you speak of. For reference, here is the UN definition of genocide, and it explicitly states “Cultural destruction does not suffice, nor does an intention to simply disperse a group”.

I know that western media talks about a supposed “Uighur genocide” a lot, but I believe in the concept of “innocent until proven guilty”. And the only entity which can determine that is the United Nations, which they havent done as far as I know.

China’s government, for its part, has recently stated that it would welcome a U.N. mission to Xinjiang based on “exchanges and cooperation,” not on “guilty before proven.”

Please read the article before commenting.

We have evidence of cultural genocide and that should be enough.

If there is actual proof, why does the US government keep it secret instead of presenting it to the UN?

So if ICANN decides to create one of those domains, your existing domain is essentially useless? Seems risky in that regard.

USA cant even coup countries like Bolivia or Belarus nowadays. And they already lost a war against Vietnam, number two would be the end of the United States.

I’m kind of speechless about this. Police hold a man on the ground for minutes, asking him to “stop resisting”, while he is barely moving his head and asking to be released. They keep asking for his ID card, and dont even bother to give a reason why they are holding him. For me this is a clear examp…

Looking for Lemmy translators (paid)

In order to make Lemmy more accessible to people who don’t speak English, we have decided to hire some translators for the documentation. Specifically, we are looking for people capable of translating into the following languages: …