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Recent software is a huge blunder to use ? ;)

Maybe you don’t need it but there are likely people in war areas or very poor areas who are non geeks and need or want to communicate encrypted with others. Also non geeks in a team in an organization can work together like this. Services like Tutanota and Protonmail can be a plus in networks where IMAP is blocked.

Speaking for myself : When posting Gemini links I’ve picked up the habit of posting a portal link, and then mention the Gemini link in the text body. I would not want people to click on Gemini links if they have no idea about it and would give errors in their regular browser.

You can work on less tracking but it will be difficult to avoid tracking all together. If you must use things like Telegram, Signal, Whatsapp you can do so on the desktop, without giving it location access. For smart phones you can opt for LineageOS which has no location support on by default. Buy a usb ethernet adapter and you can omit WiFi and GSM if your smart phone OS does support ethernet. Get a dumbphone for phoning and sms so your smart phone can be on airplane mode when you don’t use it, and you can save its battery. Use a VPN subscription. Use the Facebook container add-on in Firefox.

I would expect vendors to mention this on their site, which ThinkPenguin don’t seem to do. You could contact them ? In Europe you can get these kind of products at https://vikings.net/ (Their store is expected to be back May 15), https://retrofreedom.com/ https://tehnoetic.com/ https://www.nitrokey.com/

To add to the other comment : With plain LineageOS you can still configure location services to work (for map apps etc.) but with MicroG it is easier to do so. https://teddit.net/r/LineageOS/comments/8wap5k/location_doesnt_work_help_me/ (Note that /r/lineageos forbids to mention words like Magisk and MicroG hence the “a unmentionable open source replacement for gapps” (= MicroG) remark in that thread.)

I think GrapheneOS is focused on security with secure boot and hardened kernel (like CopperheadOS) and only for devices that support that. I would go for LineageOS. https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/ If you really need MicroG then go for a MicroG download. https://lineage.microg.org/ If you want to avoid flashing it yourself, then Volla phone is an interesting choice, and there is /e/ phones pre-flashed.

Trust is a difficult topic on the Internet. Which VPN provider can you trust ? Which email provider can you trust ? In the “post Snowden” era lots of privacy friendly providers popped up. I like to trust Proton but I can’t tell if that is a correct assumption.

Signal mentioned another subpoena from a few years ago. The pin feature is relatively new, maybe a year old ? afair the pin feature can be skipped by the end users so you don’t have to use it.

There are a lot of Linux distributions that are easier to use than Debian GNU/Linux and have more recent software, and there are some focused on gaming. See here for some : https://www.techradar.com/news/best-linux-distro-gaming You have more options besides a dual-boot, you can run Windows 10 and the new WLS2 to run Linux, or run Linux in Virtualbox. And there is : https://chocolatey.org/

Protonmail still has no app in F-Droid despite talks about it for years. (They made ProtonVPN open source and that landed in F-Droid.) Years ago I used the Protonmail app briefly via Yalp store. With each startup it would complain about Google bla bla missing but work fine. Great that Tutanota, a small team, managed to kick the Google dependency out. (Yes, old post, but good to spread this information for those not knowing it yet).

Light theme. I don’t remember if I changed more settings. I think Saturation was already 100%.

I like Alpine Linux a lot, small, fast, secure. Their howtos wiki is messy at times though. I am not using Alpine Linux as my daily driver, it is missing a package for flameshot and Tor browser bundle won’t load. When I get a newer computer in the future I will run it in a VM.

Lagrange opened their RSS feed fine and shows this, and -edited- Lagrange can subscribe to RSS feeds and refresh them :

The article mentions a book and provides their own partner link. Looks like this is the real link : https://linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/download.html

Yunohost is very cool in my opinion, and I’m using it since years, but it is not yet the holy grail. Each time there will be a major Debian release jump one needs to carefully upgrade because things may break, and in case of problems I’ve sometimes seen Yunohost app backups fail to restore. Also, a few apps have their limitations (see for example Jitsi Meet on YH). And an app like Pleroma probably still needs some command line usage sometimes. A Yunohost installation also needs admin guidance since apart from auto updating Debian security packages some apps use newer php packages from another deb repository and recently I found out only via a Twitter Yunohost message that there was a security update for Yunohost core. Still, it is very cool project.

One big up for YH is that after installation you basically have an email and XMPP server ready, and email notifications are probably useful for all of the Fediverse applications.