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You could add

      - RUST_LOG=debug

to the docker-compose.yml file. But overall if your smtp server doesn’t work, you’ll have to open up an issue with either your provider, or lettre to see what’s going on.

Sweet, I love go even though I’m awful at it. Need some good book / learning app recommends.

Impressive, compares really well to opus. I wonder what it would sound like at comparable higher qualities.

2nd question, do any of these handle encryption well? thunderbird is the only one I’ve tried that integrates encryption easily.

It doesn’t seem to really, besides just hinting that it’s a bubble. I don’t doubt that there’s a tendency in the rate of profit to fall that ad based companies are not immune to, but it doesn’t say how this plays out.

Same. I play piano, chopin is prob my favorite to play.

It would also be worth asking other open source chat programs how they handle notifs.

We have an open issue for permadelete, which is to be used in circumstances like these.

This can always be re-evaluated later, but in lemmy’s early growth period, especially when new instances are just getting started up and established, it really helps with building a healthy culture. When a collection of popular instances federating with each other dominate, then we can have the same ability that mastodon does in excising tumors like gab. But masto and its main instances are much more mature than lemmy currently is.

Let me know if there’s any additional translation strings you need me to add to lemmy-translations.

Yup, me and @nutomic@lemmy.ml went down a frustrating 3 day long rabbit hole that started with one library, and ended up with several that don’t have maintainers, and are effectively dead. There are only a few people besides us yelling at them because it broke a lot of downstream projects, so we had the option to either fix some of the lower level libraries, or just skip a lot of them altogether and go with one well-maintained one with less upstream dependencies.

Software is inherently political; especially something like this that serves as a communication platform. Developers do have responsibility for not only their own choices ( such as for example choosing to embed trackers in their apps and selling that user data, which is a political decision ), but also how their projects are used by others.

Take ruqqus for instance. I don’t need to look at the code to know their politics, I only have to look at the types of communities they allow (CW) to know that its a bigoted platform.

Every time we get recommendations to remove the filter I think of this. These bigots end up staying on reddit, or moving to other bigoted platforms, and avoid lemmy, making our lives a LOT easier ☺ . I could care less about “growth” if that growth means an influx of disgusting racists. I’d much rather have a smaller, positive community that defends members of targeted communities.

This would make it trivially easy for anyone to run a bigoted instance. We don’t want that.

I don’t think sarcasm or slang are a good excuse to use slurs. On the internet where sarcasm can be impossible to decipher, it inevitably leads to irony-poisoning where people can’t tell if anyone’s being racist or “just being sarcastic”.

Yes, the list is linked above (major CW). We haven’t had any requests for additions or removals outside of collisions with words in some languages. They’re decided on by the developers and admins, but again feel free to open up an issue if you think some should be added / removed.

Its very experimental at this point, @nutomic@lemmy.ml can speak to it better.

Great job. Adding the inbox is pretty much enough to let me switch to this full time on Android.

You need to open up individual issues, not 4 issues with identical text. And if you think something isn’t closed, then respond why.

I linked the github issue describing this, but essentially the link field, which is the main one used by RSS readers, can either go to …

New community announceent: !libgen

A community for the modern day library of alexandria: …

A patch release today with the following changes: …

Lemmy Development Update 2021-02-05

We documented most of the work we did in this recent v0.9.4 Release, so that’s also copied here: …