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China, Xi Jinping, and the Chinese Bourgeoisie

Hey, so what is Xi Jinping’s plan for abolishing China’s bourgeoisie? …

I wouldn’t really call Biden a fascist per se, I’d group him more with liberals than fascists.

Wait, so it wasn’t just “haha xi jinping look funny”?

If this has to do with reactionaries, why is gab not blocked?

Ok, but I can tell you one thing that’s NOT reactionary!

GitHub! Why, China, WHY???

What do you mean “wp is reactionary”?#

Which vpns are allowed Nord: [BLOCKD] Dashlane: [BLOCKD]

Also, China needs to stop putting restrictions on games.

okay, so china is fighting against disinformation. Then why are these blocked

mastodon.social lemmygrad.ml wikipedia.org

Ok, so apparently lemmygrad is blocked in china…

A site full of COMMUNISTS blocked in COMMUNIST china…


You think that the fact that it’s “pirated” according to you somehow makes it worse? I believe that piracy should be legalized because, in my opinion, copyright is just another tool of the bourgeoisie.

Okay, so you got one thing wrong. Capitalism = private ownership of the means of production

The hypocrisy of capitalism

Famine happens user captitalism Capitalists: It happens…


Okay, but about this, you should be able to freely criticize the government without being censored for it.

guy from cappie america still here (part 3)

So, what’s up with the Great Firewall? What I’ve been told:…

Also, the question is rhetorical…

No, I just wanted to rant on them

PragerU being PragerU

So, PragerU said that “sOcIaLiSm mAkEs pEoPlE sElFiSh” …

guy from cappie america here part 2

Hey comrades! Can you explain these things to me? …

MVP and Anarchism (Part 3)

Ok, so I’m gonna get some downvotes from this, but I think of the Anarchists as allies, not as enemies. The longer Marxists and Anarchists bicker about which type of socialism is best, the stronger the bourgeoisie gets. If we want to overthrow the bourgeoisie, Marxists and Anarchists need to band to…

Guy from cappie America here.

So, I want to know the story of the Uyghur re-edication camps from a communist perspective. Can you tell me?..

The economics of Marxism-Vikiism-Penguinism (Part 2)

Note: Read Part 1 first so you know the abbreviations. Each commune will need to have at least one co-op that manufactures products in the area. So, communes that are mostly farms will have farming co-ops and communes by areas with vast amounts of minerals will have mining co-ops and so on. The reso…

Communism and Forced Labor

Okay, so I’m probably gonna get downvotes for this, but I believe forced labor is anticommunist. Explanation: Communism/Socialism is about the workers seizing the means of production. Forced labor means that people are forced to work in a mine/factory/some other place with little pay. That does not …


America: The land of free speech, but only if the bourgeoisie agrees with you.

So what, he had a Ho Chi Minh portrait up! If only McCarthy just shut up rather than make people scared of workers seizing the means of production smh…

Glasnost' and Perestrojka

Now, Gorbačëv is responsible for the collapse of the USSR, but that’s because you can’t really have a workers’ state ruled by a SuccDem. Also Perestrojka. I mean, bringing back a market economy, that doesn’t sound very Marxist to me (This also applies to the PRC. I don’t see as much economy planning…

My opinion on Tankies and AnComs

Now, I’m a democratic Marxist, meaning that I believe in a Marxist economy within a democratic political system. Now in all Tankie states, the elections are never unopposed. I think there should be a multi-party system using Single Transferable Vote to ensure that the people’s voice can be heard. Al…


democracy good…


"bUt cOmMuNiSm iS uNdEmOcRaTiC"

If you think communism always leads to authoritatianism, you need to look at the Communist Party of Nepal…

Skyscraper is back!

Even after Ryan Thoryk shut down Skyscraper(sim), you can still download it here. …