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Marxist-Leninist. I don’t know enough about MLM to know if it makes sense to call myself that. I don’t to care too much about labels though. They give others a rough impression of your politics on introduction, but that’s about all they’re useful for.

I guess the Trump approach to handling defeat is going to be the global right’s approach going forward

Holy shit. After 7 years, I didn’t think they would actually do it. I wonder how Russia and the people in Ukraine will respond.

I’ve never noticed that contradiction before. It is really obvious how ridiculous these claims are when you actually stop to think about them.

Lenin on the train. Where will he go?

The left claims to be the tolerant ones and yet they can’t drink milk without getting lactose intolerance. Curious.

This video is great if you want insight on Elon Musk.

Actually, depending on what work I can find, I want to move somewhere else this year

There’s also FreeCiv if you’ve never heard of it

It’s a meme that the democrats do the same thing as the republicans except they use politically correct language to do it. But since Biden’s “get in front of the car while I step on the gas” line, and now Kamala threatening Guatemalan immigrants with Coyotes eating them, I now see that this analysis is wrong.

I mean, the answer is that the soldiers were already paid, and that wealth was inherited. Slaves were not paid, and that wealth was not inherited. And you shouldn’t have to pay a price to be freed from slavery. I know most people here understand that, I just had to say it out loud.

Nah I live in southeast US so subtropics. Maybe exaggerating, but I have no tolerance for hot, humid weather.

It’s not a debate and they’re not telling you to be a trot. It’s a good listen so far.

I appreciate you two @nutomic@lemmy.ml and @dessalines@lemmy.ml and everyone else who contributes. Not sure you guys hear that enough.