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As a previous Reddit user I find Lemmy really hard to understand. One of the first things I run in to is Lemmygrad and it’s a website but based on Lemmy?? It seemed to be more popular than the @lemmy.ml instance or whatever they are. I’m hoping to get more in to the federated side and escape big tech. It’s a little daunting trying to learn about instances, pods, servers, etc and the difference between federated and decentralized. I’d like to be able to host my own instance from my own network

You can restore any old laptop with functioning hardware regardless of the initial operating system. Arch Linux would be the most advisable in any case; Unless ease of use is of concern. You can run it on literally antything since all you need to install is a kernel, networking tools, etc as needed instead of bloated uselessness. I dislike installing a distro preinstalled with Libre office software and a bunch of GUI stuff. I mainly only use the terminal

No but when configuring dual-boot, I’ve deleted the Windows root or boot partition several times. Took me a bit to learn how to boot Windows with systemd-boot. I don’t write any ISO’s from my PC anymore. I use an app on my Android called EtchDroid. It’ll write any Linux ISO I’ve put through it. You just have to format the SD card in device care first.

I started doing this because I’ve rendered my system unbootable in the past. I bought an external USB-C to SD card adapter and it’s saved me a few times. Now that I built my system and configured it, I don’t have this issue. I used to keep multiple ISO’s on my Android I could write within seconds and then boot on my PC. dd is great if you have a system you keep ISO’s on

I would never give in personally. Id rather lose support fully than use Windows. Accessibility wise, I can do anything on Linux that Windows does plus a lot more. I have Windows 10 dual-booted eith Arch Linux just for my lady to use Silhouette software even though I showed her my better functioning Inkscape alternstive on Linux. In button press I can theme my entire desktop(gtk, firefox, xresources, etc) thanks to scripts and aliases. Microsoft’s invasion can’t simply be ripped out of Windows and the risk of viruses is way higher. If anyone ever says they’re switching from Linux to Windows; They know nothing about security and privacy. Using open-source is what will bring support for more trash Windows software. The wise thing to do would be to look for support on that software, contribute and recommend Linux to everyone that talks computers. The more userbase the more support will come around