Privacy is a human right, thank you Edward Snowden. Capitalism vs Communism is a hot topic. I dont use any social media other Lemmy and Minds. I post my opinions on subjects wether people agree or not, if you want to disscuss than do so respectfully and ill do the same.

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amoung us when you touch the supply and neutral

aaahhhhhh yes touching a 240V supply, (insert punch-line here) now he’s dead

Just use Linux Mint or Ubuntu, i dual-boot with windows for gaming, it’s soo good becuase i rarely have to look up a termanal command to do the most basic shit, it’s soo good i’m gonna stay with Mint forever.

this is a very good post

Its not EXTREMELY deadly, but becuase it’s soo contaigus we’ll be talking about 3% of 1 MILLION people or higher, that’s nothing to scoff at.

He edits with no comments for downvotes

if i had £160 i would buy it, this is the edge linux mobile needs to compete with Android and IOS

“Dumb fucks” Mark Zuckerberg Former CEO of Facebook

can i get a TL;DR, and some FOSS alt services? The down votes tell me the article isnt very good, but id like a TL;DR of it please before i up or down vote.

surprised this is not on !latestagecapitalism

How Do I Make a Community In Lemmy?

I want to make a community for myself, and my interests, but i dont know how to make a community in Lemmy, can someone help? (any help is welcome.)…

Should Cities Have More Cycle-Lanes?

I was recently thinking about buying an elecrtic scooter/bike to get from point A to point B, with everything so close in a city, and traffic being bad. What are your thoughts on cycle-lanes, and cycling/scooting in general?..

Any alternatives to Discord?

Its looking like Microsoft is gonna buy Discord. Preferably open source, and has a big userbase, and has Windows and Linux option. (but mainly windows because i only game on windows now.)…

Any Alternatives to Firefox?

Preferably on Windows and Linux. I have Brave, and Tor already, would you reccomend Chromium?..