Success is for capitalists, so everytime I fail is basically praxis.

I’m a conlanger, worldbuilder, and occasional writer. Fan of the San Francisco Lovers and the Core Mechanics, the blaseball teams.

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finally someone else talking about it, this is something that has always bothered me for a while

Not really, that’s mostly why I asked. It wouldn’t look as good without a slogan on top, but I also have no idea what to replace it with

I like them! Do you have ones that don’t have Reddit in them tho? I think it’s more valuable when people join Lemmy for its features and community and not just because it’s not Reddit.

yeah, people could slowly start fixing it, which would be more-ish reasonable-ish since it’s not one company’s programmers but a bunch of randos from a lot of places proposing fixes and doing things

Survivor's 9-Step Guide To Conquering The Multiverse

I’ve been working on this thing for a while, and yesterday it reached 100 pages. I copy the format that MSPA uses, since MSPA format is, to me, iconic of extremely convoluted plots that don’t make sense at first and escalate a lot …

That is very understandable, and the work you do is very appreciated

Besides being fully finished (it’s not even on version 1.0 yet)? I’d say topic variety. Currently most of lemmy’s content is very techy stuff, which is enough for people like me who are into that, but reddit has active communities for a lot of interests. Lemmy stuff is like, privacy this, linux that, tor this, development that, while reddit is more like, privacy this, conlang that, drawings this, water that, politics that other thing, etc

I think this is the kinda stuff that will come over time as people start using Lemmy, tho. Art nerds, water nerds, bird nerds, etc will come around and create communities for their interests, and people who are interested in those things will come to share their interests too

This would be really nice to have

Go to the search uh, tab? Idk what they’re called, and search for a non-local instance that has not been federated using !this@for.mat

It simply won’t stop loading, without ever showing any results

This works for the web page, but not for Lemmur. In Lemmur it just stays loading forever and never shows any results

But what about communities that have not been federated yet? Because that’s why I browse, a lot of the communities there haven’t got to here. A “view in context of another instance” button would be great to have for this kind of thing

How to follow a community from another instance?

My main instance is, but I often explore for communities to follow since most of them are there. The problem with this is that in the app there’s no option to subscribe through a community from another instance, or I haven’t found it, at least. …

yeah um, the center alligned code isn’t the only cursed thing about whatever this is

that’s horrifying. what language is this???

I feel like talking about the meaning of this song. …

Wait, I googled what Bluesky is. Are they working on a decentralized network or did I misunderstand?

Gladly, this seems like the kind of thing that only works with specific browsers

If they are clickbait or otherwise insufficient they can just delete the post or something, idk

These are more organized than voice chats in that only one person can be speaking at the same time and there’s a “raise your hand” option if anyone else has a question or something to say

Just felt like sharing this song, she’s got a lot more music than Life Letters (the one song of hers that i’ve seen get popular-ish) and I feel like more people should know about this stuff…

I think it’s when you can guide people who have questions or problems in it, if you can do that with almost any question that is presented to you, I think that’d mean you’re good at it. Or at least halfway there, because the other half would be being able to apply that knowledge to any question/problem you have in whatever you make. In the end it’s just how much you know about it and how skilled you are at using what you know

The issue here is that the user is in sopuli, so Lemmur assumes “oh, they must be posting on a sopuli instance too” which is not the case. This is a bug with Lemmur

People from any instance can perfectly post on communities from another instance as long as they allow federation with each other, that part’s perfectly normal and a sign that things are working fine