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Another batch of stable kernels

5.12.10, 5.10.43, 5.4.125, 4.19.194, 4.14.236, 4.9.272, and 4.4.272…

I think there are people who have not the choice of their OS, but for them it is interesting to know about this possibility. It’s also a warning to Linux app developers, that maybe Windows users will raise bugs in future. This is a discussion which has no final yes or no - except you want to stay in your silo. Maybe a Linux-only community would be helpful then.

The topic of the article is about Linux GUI apps. From the community description I cannot see why it does not fit here. And yes, the other way round i would agree to post wine news also to the Windows community if Windows apps are the affected.

Do you also think it was good when you think about CentOS?

I am using Joplin on Desktop and Android

i cannot find the SilentNotes app on fdroid. the link gives a 404

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i would say the target reader is people who haven’t read all the other hundred other blogs