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It’s also just not funny. Literally talking about killing civilians. And people think the West is “becoming” facsist.

That would be like a meme saying “a plane with gay in the name” sneaking up on “Japanese schoolchildren” Fucked up.

I haven’t been able to find it but I think it was Lenin who said that when one becomes a true revolutionary they begin hoping for the destruction of their own nation. (so it can be reborn ofc)

So this kind of patsoc notion is anti-revolutionary… i.e. a different flavor of compatible left.

Should we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?

Lol I was making pasta and it’s just what came to my mind. Like your average guy who guards a border checkpoint is probably the same in any country.

I think the average military guy is just a dude… whereas I think almost all cops are indoctrinated much more intensely via hazing. in the UK in the 80’s for example, 20% of cops were freemasons

I’m keeping my typo

Must be opposite day because I don’t remember the russians using shock and awe or declaring their goal was to “bomb them back into the stone-age”.

damn it. Oppressed, not repressed… although with gamers that does kind of make sense. Sexual frustration and whatnot

whichever one has the laser strapped to it’s head

cultural genocider. gamers are repressed enough already.

It’s a buddhist symbol of peace!

that’s why they’re right wingers. the right preys on artificial fear, real but misdirected anger, and artificial greed.

I know many career military guys. It is a shitshow. The US military is dead in the water tbh (okay bit of an exaggeration). I know some pretty top brass people (family friends) who honestly think the Chinese would steamroll us.

The US is literally a paper tiger, the only part that has teeth is going after defenseless people and it’s own citizenry.

Edit: as an aside, someone on here a while ago said that military guys can be re-educated and cops can’t. I totally agree with that, many of the military guys I know are more open to socialism than they let on, you just have to frame it correctly (efficiency/helping others vs profits).

Viagra doesn't need to exist [light-hearted exchange]
Norm MacDonald has a great bit where he essentially says "70 year old men don't need to have rock hard cocks, they need to be reading the newspaper, smoking a pipe, the dog at their feet." And I actually found that quite an interesting comment on western society. Obviously, norm has some pretty reactionary takes and is not exactly inclusive, but I find he has some very good opinions on aging and how our society prioritizes youth. This is one of those examples. Western society is so obsessed with sex and youth... [here's the bit.]( thoughts?

Cults as the Trojan horse of American Empire
I came across this while reading an article about Scientology and the CIA. It was kind of not great otherwise and very reactionary but I still wanted to share this notion. The social engineering of the Anglo Empire, with religion as their key tool, should not be downplayed. The puritans, mormons, evangelicals, protestant missionaries, etc. The Anglos are experts of manipulating religion to engineer the reality they want. I actually view this as a key distinguishing factor between Catholic/Latin and protestant Europe, there is a sincerity within Catholicism that limits how much you can weaponize it (for the purpose of social engineering in a cult-like manner) that doesn't seem to exist in protestantism. Would love to hear other notions/viewpoints on this.

As the comments correctly point out, it seems increasingly likely that the nations which will fall in the western orbit are... the west. Just remember this when liberals tell people "Just vote!" Also, Yale was founded with the blood money from the Chinese opium trade.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” intelligence chief William Casey to President Reagan.
I personally believe that leaning on American brainwashing is a cop out, but when the flow of information and culture is so monopolized/controlled it is relevant to know this was a priority of the intelligence community.

I am really impatient to hear the rest of the interviews Ben does with Aaron. I will definitely be buying this book as well.

I hope this happens and I hope there is no coup this time or it is thwarted.